Saturday, October 31, 2009

Prompt to Ponder

If you had to pick one number to be your "key" number for the rest of your life, what would it be?

For example: When you order pizza you could only order this amount. You would have this amount of pets in your house. You would have to have those many locks on your doors. Almost everything in your life would be based on this number.

So what number would you pick and why?


PS - Happy Halloween and Happy End of Haunted Things! I am sure you all have learned more about me in the past month than you ever wanted to know.


Anonymous said...

3.....that is supposed to be my lucky number.


Crystal said...

I would have to say 2. Two kids, two dogs, two locks, and even two pizzas. As a side note, I can't stand it when things aren't even. Whether its cookies or stickers on a paper, I can't have just one or three or has to be two or four, etc. My co-workers used to get the biggest kick out of that. Happy Halloween!

Becca said...

We order one large pizza. My favorite number is 12. I have to have more than one cookie..