Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Great Christmas Quiz

Let's play a little game leading up to the big event!  

Every day from December 1-20 I will put up a question of the day. (I promise) You have until the next morning to figure out the answer.

Some will be easy, some you may think are easy but get them wrong, and some will be hard.

Just have fun and enjoy the game. Perhaps you will even learn something. I know I did!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Picture A Day - Day 7

Today's assignment: Something Funny

Little S is creative.  He has a whole desk full of art supplies and such and is always making something.

Recently after a small kitchen fire in another apartment he went around and put signs up in each room so we knew where we were and how to get out.

Just like most kids he loves boxes.  The older boys were selling candy bars and he kept begging me to let him have the empty box.  After being asked no less than 1.5 million times, I finally relented and said he could have it.  This is what he made:

He cut the top part off and made an "E". Then he took some ribbon and tied it into the box.  It is hard to see in this picture but across the top is a note that says "Hi. I am the gretter"  (greeter - his is still learning how to spell).

He placed this on the table as you walk in the door.  He is such a silly kid but I love his creativity.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Picture A Day - Day 6

I did not do yesterday's assignment because by the time I looked at the subject it was too late.  I was supposed to do the morning sky.

Today's assignment is Books.

This is the bookshelf in my closet. Since we moved we never got bookshelves here so they are two deep and never ending.  They used to be two high as well, but I have really downsized by keeper books since I have gotten my kindle.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Picture A Day - Day 4

Today's assignment: Leaves

This was a beautiful carpet of leaves on the lawn outside the doors of the church where I am working.  I took this last week. I know I am supposed to take a new picture each day but since Sandy literally blew through here last week, we now have virtually no leaves left on our trees.

This is one of my favorite fall photo's I have taken this year.  This too was taken a few weeks ago.  I love the contrast of the bright red leaves on the front tree and the yellow/orange leaves on the back tree.  And the beautiful carpeting God has given these two lawns.

I don't think I will ever understand raking and burning the leaves.  They are just so breathtaking the way they fall.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Picture A Day - Day 3

Today's assignment is: Happiness

What has more happiness than a child just back from Trick or Treating with a bag full of loot?

His costume included gloves, shoe covers and even a mask that was all skeleton.  This was the first year he and daddy had to go alone.  Teen had to work and I had to drive Tween down to his school for his final performance.

Overall I think they did pretty good. See that shirt to his left?  There is a newer screen printing/embroidery place in town and they were handing out shirts.

Our trick or treat was moved until today due to Hurricane Sandy blowing through here on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Picture A Day - Day 2

Today's assignment is Smile.

This is Tween.  He is currently a supporting cast member of Tina 'n Tony's Wedding at Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center.  His character is named Lorenzo.

Not only is he smiling in this picture, but the picture makes me smile.  The silly 80's italian clothing and hair.

We went to see the performance last night with my parents, grandma, and some friends.  My mum kept trying to get him to break character and answer a question and he just wouldn't do it...lol

We had a great time and I am so glad that we were able to attend.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Picture A Day - Day 1

So I have been a total slacker this past year.  I really want to get back into the swing of things and decided to start with a Photo-A-Day project.

Today's photo is to be my favorite food.  Rather than taking a picture of a picture of my favorite food I decided to just take a picture of my lunch today.

A hot Sicilian wrap from the cafeteria at PSU.

It was so yummy.  The wrap was herb and garlic and in addition to the meat it had lettuce, tomato, pickles, banana peppers, black olives, spinach, and italian dressing.

What was your lunch today?