Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Many of you know that I suffer from insomnia off and on. I cannot get to sleep at night. Then when I do fall asleep, I often wake up many times through the night. Once it gets to 5 or 6, I just stay up. At that point if I were to go back to sleep, I wouldn't be able to get back up. Sometimes I will go on like this for days at a time.

Then it hits me. Like today. It is almost 3pm and I am completely exhausted. I can hardly stay awake sitting here at my desk. It doesn't help the matter at all that I have next to nothing to do many days. Including today.

I have tried coffee and Diet Mt Dew. I am afraid of those Monster caffeine drinks.

So, I pose a question to all of you:
When you are really tired and have to stay awake,
what is something you do that wakes you back up?
Perhaps you splash cold water on your face or stick your head in the freezer! I need some ideas.
ps - yesterday was 80's day. That is a mullet he is sporting with a tye dye shirt, parachute pants and a Michael Jackson glove.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


What year is it? This is what walked out of my door to go to school this morning. Would you ever go to school like that?

This week is spirit week at the high school. Teen is too cool to participate. But not Tween, he is "that kid". You know the one that will do anything for a laugh.

Last year I think he got 2nd place for the most spirit.

Can you tell what today's theme is?


Monday, September 28, 2009


One day last week I order out Chinese for lunch. I am always amused by the fortune cookies and can't wait until I am done eating to get my "fortune". This one made me think:

Today it's up to you to create the peacefulness you long for.
Wow - thanks fortune cookine company for putting things into prospective.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Prompt to Ponder

I am going to make you think a little this week.

If you could live in any time in another time in History, when would it be? And why?


Friday, September 25, 2009

Mother of the Year

I just found out I am not getting the Mother of the Year award this year. (Like I was ever in the

Some stupid things I have done this week to prove that I am not in the running:

1. Little S

Earlier in the week, I realized that Little S was going to have an early dismissal day due to open house, but the older boys would not. I also realized that no one that usually gets Little S off the bus would be able to as if it is not the older boys, then it is one of the teen age girls that live in the apartments.

So as I sat at soccer Tuesday night, I mentioned it to my friend M. She said, no problem, that I could just have him ride the bus home with her son and she would keep him until I got home. Some how in that conversation, I assumed it was okay to send him on the bus and she assumed that I would call and let her know for sure.

You can all see where this is headed right? I called her house early in the afternoon to ask her to call me when he got there since this was the first time he would be riding a different bus. Her phone was busy and after a few tries, I called her parents who live next door (her brother answered) and asked them to have her call me when he got there.

Little S got on the bus and thought nothing of the fact that M's son wasn't on the bus. He got off of the bus and M's dad was waiting for him. I am so thankful that I decided to call her ahead of time and that her parents live next door and were able to get him for me. They called her and she was there shortly after the bus.

2. Teen & Tween

Our school this year started a new soccer program through the school. My kids have always played, but it was always in the community league.

Monday after practice, I picked them up at the school. Tuesday after practice I pulled in to the school and they weren't around. So I called my friend M and asked her where she was. "Right here, where are you?", she says. I look around and I don't see her or the kids anywhere. "Right where?", I ask. At the Community field. Nice, I had forgotten that they moved practice the rest of the week. The Community field is about 10 miles in the other direction. Thankfully, my mother-in-law lives right by the fields and was able to run up and get them for me.

3. Tween's Back

Tween has been complaining on and off about this pain in the lower left part of his back, right near his spine, for almost a month now. It wasn't getting any better and actually he has been complaining more lately. So I made an appt. with the pediatrician. After poking and prodding and questioning Tween, he determined that it wasn't a muscle problem and sent him for some x-rays.

The next day, he called to say that the x-rays didn't show anything and then proceeded to ask me several questions. Like do I notice it being worse in the morning, day time, after sports, or evenings.

At that I had to admit, that the older two boys get up before me and are ready to leave for school as I am getting in the shower. No, I do not get up with them in the morning and make breakfast or anything else that I good mother would do.

So there you have it. 3 strikes and I am out. No Mother of the Year award for me this year. There is always next year right? Now, if only I could start making pancakes and eggs every morning.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Prompt to Ponder

During the open house I learned that many of the classes use different things to get the kids to think a little each day. Most of the teacher call them "prompts".

So I am going to try and put up a new prompt each Saturday. Sometimes they will be one word answers and others you may have to think about and come back and answer later in the day.

So for our first one, finish this sentence:

The biggest time waster in my life is _____________.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Open House 2009

Last night was open house at the High School. About 2 years ago they started a new way that they handle it. I don't know about your school district, but it used to be that you went in and could visit the classrooms or teachers that you wanted. Our school has a whole totally different program. We don't even hardly get to talk to the teachers.

A week prior to open house we are sent a blank schedule in the mail with 9 periods and a modified schedule. We then fill in our child's classes. If you have more than one child you have to coordinate ahead of time which class you are going to visit.

When you get to the school you go through your child's classes just as they would through the day. Except the classes are 7 minutes long. That is enough time for the teachers to give you an overview of their class and what is expected from your child for the year. They also give you their contact information and there is a sign up sheet to schedule a conference at another time.

During "lunch" period you get to go to the cafeteria and eat. The local pizza establishment in our small town donates all different types of pizza for us to sample. Standard, dessert and breakfast which are cut into small bite size pieces. The PTO donates all of the drinks.

During "library or study hall" period you can go to the book fair set up in the library.

I wasn't sure that I would like open house this way the first year I went, but it gives you a feel for your child's day. And it brings back many memories of crowded halls and stairways and trying to get from one side of the school to the other in what is actually 4 minutes but seems like 30 seconds. At least we don't have to stop at our lockers and change books along the way.

Our elementary school has the traditional 2 hours that the doors are open and the teacher is available for questions. It is actually more crowded and you don't get a feel for your child's day like you do at the high school open house.

How does your school handle open house?


Monday, September 14, 2009

Men's Escape

So after seeing me off on many girls weekends, hubby decided to get in on the act himself. He and two friends went down into Pittsburgh for 2 days.

When they got there they checked in to the hotel. They ended up on the 17th floor. None of them smoke so they got a non-smoking room. However, they do all enjoy the occasional cigar.

So they decided to step out on to the balcony to enjoy a cigar, 17 stories up! When the last one walked out the door, hubby says "We should probably shut the door so that the smoke doesn't get into the room."

As they shut the door they hear "Click". Yep, they locked themselves out on the balcony 17 stories in the air.

This is Jay - good thing he had that cell phone with him. lol They had to call down to the front desk to have someone come up and let them back in their rooms. Go ahead and laugh I did!

Next they went to a FREE concert by Tim McGraw at Point State Park. Yes, I said Free! How cool was that? This was the Kick-Off concert for the opening of the 2009-2010 NFL Season. Since the Steelers won the Super Bowl last year, they get to play the first game of the season.

After the concert they wandered over toward the stadium.

This is Heinz Field from across the River. Look at all of those gold seats. Unfortunately they couldn't get into the game, but they had fun anyhow. They went to a local bar and watched the game and had dinner. It was probably much cheaper there anyhow.

The next morning they went down to the Strip District for breakfast. And then wandered around down there for a little while.

After that they went to River's Casino and played the penny slots. Hubby spent $20 and walked away with $35. Not too bad.

While they were there they also ran into Pittsburgh Steeler Mike Logan who was more than welcoming. Notice the big Super Bowl Ring on his right hand. (Hubby is the one on the far right.)

They had dinner there in the casino and headed back to the hotel.

I am glad that he went and had such a nice time. I think this is the first time that he has ever gone away from us. It is usually me traveling. His get away is when I go to my mum's and take all the boyz with me. lol

I enjoyed the break as well, but I really missed him at night. Even though many times he sleeps on the couch half the night, I am still comforted that he is here. I had a terrible time sleeping and kept hearing all kinds of things.

I am almost positive that if something happens to hubby, I will have to get a dog just so I can sleep at night. lol


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Silly

So I was just minding my own business, reading blogs and click upon this one.

People of Walmart

What more is there to say?

Have a great day!


Friday, September 11, 2009

Where were you?

Today is a day in America's history that many wish we could change and I think we all wish that it hadn't happened.

I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I found out about the attacks.

I remember what I did, who I called and how I prayed.

I was worried, as we all were, and we turned to the internet, turned on the TV and tuned into our radio's to see what was going on.

I remember when the plane hit in Shanksville how I was so worried about my parents who live not too very far from there.

This was one of those times in history that forever our generation will recall where we were and what we were doing.

The previous generation always talked about where they were when President Kennedy was shot.

The generation before that was Pearl Harbor.

I fear for the next generation coming up and wonder where they will be when ____ happens.

So my question to you today is this: What other event in recent history can you so vividly recall that you can remember all about that day? Where were you? What were you doing? What was your reaction?


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Do you ever feel like you are living your life on auto-pilot? Just going through the motions and not really living in the moment?

I have a morning routine that if it gets messed up can ruin my whole morning. For example, when I shower I have to do things in a certain order. Going out of that order can cause me to use body wash as shampoo and shampoo as body wash. Yes I have done both of these in the past.

Every day my drive to work is my prayer time. My one on one time with God. There is a spot not too far from my house that the radio cuts out. At that point instead of changing the channel, I turn the radio on mute and I have my morning talk with The Big Guy. There are many a morning that I am pulling in to work and have to sit in my car for a few minutes to either compose myself or finish my prayers.

I love my morning quiet time with God. It just seems to start my day off right.

So the other morning, I got in the car and pulled out without changing the station back from whatever hubby had on the previous night. My mind was going a hundred miles an hour thinking of all I had to get done and who had to be where at what time. Next thing I know I am pulling into the driveway at work and I realized that I completely missed my prayer time. I quickly said "I am sorry Lord, we'll talk later." And we did, on the drive home that day.

But the point is, how many times are you on auto-pilot in your life and you don't realize it until something makes you put on the brakes? If we always have the "cruise control" on during our day, what are we missing? Did I miss a blessing that morning because I was too busy to remember God?

God has so many amazing blessings for us, but we need to turn off the cruise control, slow down a little and look around. Ask God to show you a blessing, He will.

The next few months are the busiest around my house. So I am really trying to slow down and enjoy all that is going on around me. I hope that you do as well.


Monday, September 7, 2009

My Mum

My mum calls me Friday to tell me what had just happened to her and of course I have to share it with all of you.
(Please don't be drinking anything while reading this.)

First a little background. My parents built a large addition on to their house a while ago as a mother-in-law suite for my grandma (her mum). It has large sun room that has a living room area, dining area w/ fridge and microwave and then there is a nice size bedroom with walk-in closet and en-suite bathroom. They converted the smaller bedroom to an office, broke through the outside wall and put in an etched glass door to her suite.

So my mum decided to sweep the carpeting in the bathroom and bedroom for my mummum. As she is in the bathroom, the belt must have broken and started smoking and stinking. So she stopped sweeping. Then my step-dad went down stairs and got the other vacuum from the basement. He set it in the office just outside my grandma's suite. My mum walks in and as she picks it up she hears this "chshsh chshsh" sound. So she sets the sweeper down. Looks at it doesn't see anything and it isn't plugged. So she picks it back up and again hears "chshsh chshsh". She puts it right back down and hollers for my dad. She is convinced there is a snake in the vacuum. (Last summer one of the neighbors found a snake in their basement.)

My dad comes out, picks it up and nothing happens. He looks at it and still nothing, thinking my mum is just nuts or hearing things.

So she shrugs it off, picks it up and nothing. She walks out into my grandma's suite just as she picks up the room freshener and sprays it "chshsh chshsh". She just happened to spray as my mum picked up the sweeper before.

I am sure the people around me at the football game Friday night thought I was nuts as I was laughing so hard I was crying.

And you all wonder why I am the way I am. ;)


Friday, September 4, 2009

Funny Friday Find

I just saw these online. Would you seriously buy these, let alone wear them?
They are called "Vibram Five Fingers". Here is the write up:
Named one of the best inventions of 2007 by Time magazine for their innovative approach to performance footwear. Inspired by the barefoot or minimalist phenomenon, provides protection not to interfere with natural biomechanics.
Oh My Goodness!
Seriously, if you have a few minutes go HERE and check out the other versions they have available. WOW! These just crack me up.
Please tell me what you think.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day Two

What happens when summer ends and you have to start school for the first time and all of the activities that come along with it?

You end up crashed out a little after 7pm. He gets that holding the remote thing from his dad! He is such a daddy's boy.

These are two of my favorite pictures from Monday:Daddy and Little S walking down to the bus. Since I leave before the bus comes and hubby works here on the property, Little S will be going to work with him for the first 15-20 minutes each day until the bus comes.

Look at that smile. He is so happy and excited to go to school. This was a major worry for us as he had separation anxiety pretty bad for a while. We really worked with him this summer to get him through it.

And this is my saddest picture from Monday:I held it together until he got on the bus, but after that, I cried myself to work. I wasn't like that with the older two, but this one just kills me.

Have a great day.