Monday, October 12, 2009


Have you ever had a recurring dream. You know, one that you dream over and over and over again in your sleep.

Maybe it is because you are terribly upset about something in your life and you have tucked it so deep down inside that the only way to let go is in your dreams.

Maybe it is because you are so happy about something that you continue to think about your happiness in dreams at night.

Maybe you dream about something that happened during the day or week and how it could have turned out different.

Some think that what we dream about reflects certain things about our life.

For example, have you ever had the naked dream? You know the one where you go to work/school/store and realize that you are naked or partially dressed? They say that we dream that because we have some type of guilt or feelings of inferiority in our life.

Someone once told me if you dream about death it means someone is pregnant.

As a kid we lived in a house on a hill. It was a pretty steep hill. Many nights I dreamt of starting to run down the hill and about halfway down I would just lift off and fly. I read that that meant I was at peace with my life and carefree. I guess since I dreamt that as a child, I was probably pretty much carefree and peaceful then.

There was a time when I was "haunted" by really scary dreams. Dreams of being chased, dreams of not being able to breathe, dreams of hiding from someone scary. Some of these dreams were night after night and would change slightly each night as I got to a certain point in the dream. I can only imagine those dreams meant that I was in an uncomfortable or unsettled point in my life.

Have you ever had a recurring dream? Did you ever look up the meaning of it? Did the meaning apply to your life at that point? Do you dream in black and white or color?


ps - this post brought to you by the letter (L) ;)


Chris said...

Remember, you asked for this...

Near naked or naked dream is probably the most frequently occurring dream. I think it's in response to the number of "faces" I wear. Yet none of them allow me to show who I really am or what I feel. I hold back a lot of "me" for the sake of appearances or others. Having an online presence has helped with regards to some of this - where I feel free-er to be me. This comment is a prime example. I'm not sure I'd share this in most other settings. So you and your readers get to hear it. Sorry :)

But as a kid, I had a recurring nightmare where I was extremely small in a warehouse where forklifts would place big boxes very close to me. Often I would be boxed into a corner. The weirdest thing is that it actually felt like it when I woke up. Very real and unnerving.

Becca said...

I think that we all have these kind of dreams.

Right now, with the trip to Maine coming up, I have been having all sorts of dreams about A, and about all the things that are surrounding this trip. But I keep telling myself that this is normal and not to let those things that happen when I am asleep influence me when I am awake.

Jen said...

Did you ever watch The Electric Company as a kid? Remember Easy Reader, played by Morgan Freeman?

I had a reoccurring dream that someone chopped him up into little pieces and I begged my dad to put him back together. My dad did, but he looked like John Denver when my dad got through with him.

I was a weird little kid.

Dory said...

LOL LOL LOL Jen's comment cracked me UP!

I have all sorts of strange dreams - waking up feeling as if I'd been chased or had been crying/screaming... but I can't ever remember them.

That doesn't surprise you, does it?

meg said...

The dream that reoccurs most for me is that I'm starting my senior year in high the age I am now. My former classmates are now teachers & administration; several times, I've had a baby in tow, which I stash in my locker & tend to between classes