Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 30

Whew....I made it! This is at least 3 years in a row, maybe 4 now! WooHoo. I was kind of burnt out for a while and only posted every couple days, but this month has gotten me back in the swing of things. I can't promise I will continue to post every day, but I am going to post more often now.

When I first started blogging many moons ago, I would look for things each day to write about. Then I thought maybe I was getting a little boring. Last year I liked the theme that NaBloPoMo had for the month and I followed along with that. This year, I just tried to think of things each day. There were a couple of days that I struggled, but for the most part it just flowed right out.

So who wants to join me for another month of posting. I know there are several of you out there that used to do November NaBloPoMo every year and you didn't this year. Why don't we all band together and go for it in December? We can take weekends off if you'd like.

Let me a comment if you are willing to take on December with me. And no weekends, mean not having to worry about posting on Christmas or New Years!

One more last note: Happy Birthday Tony!


Monday, November 29, 2010

November 29

Finally an extended warranty that pays off. Thank you Best Buy!

In August 2008 I got a new computer. At that time my dad got the 3 year extended warranty on it. He had problems with a computer once and he was able to get a complete replacement when they were unable to repair it.

I have always been a little leery of extended warranties as many times they seem like nothing but a racket. You pay a little extra and then when something happens, there is always some excuse as to why this or that isn't covered.

In August of this year, I started to have some problems with the computer. I took it over to Best Buy and they stated at that time that it was a software problem. That I would need to get the restore disc's from Dell, back up all of my information and then restore the computer back to factory settings. They offered to handle all of this for me, but naturally it was for a price.

Since I wasn't working at the time, I had a friend back everything up and then I restored it. But something still wasn't quite right. It was still slow and locked up at times, but I blamed it on a slow internet connection.

Then about a month ago, I shut it down and when I tried to bring it back up, it would come up to the "Safe Mode" settings but as soon as you would pick a setting, the screen would go black. I finally got it to come up and told everyone not to turn it off and to limit using it until I could figure out what was wrong with it.

Well, last Monday, Hubby came home at lunch time and it was locked up. He didn't remember anything about not shutting it off and once it was off, it was done. It wouldn't come back on at all.

I took it back to Best Buy and they determined that the Hard Drive went out in it. Unfortunately they were unable to recover any of my information, but on the bright side, I have everything up until 3 months ago.

I picked it back up today and I am so impressed with how fast this computer is and all that I can now do on it. I forgot what it was like when I got it brand new.

Thanks Tony for getting the extended warranty and thanks Best Buy for honoring it and fixing it so quickly.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

November 28

Thanksgiving is over, it's back to reality tomorrow. I have enjoyed my nice long weekend. We did a lot of nothing and a little of nada and a LOT of driving.

Friday afternoon I drove into Pittsburgh to pick up Teen's girlfriend from college for a few days. It's a long story but basically her parents weren't going to get her. She worked Black Friday morning since she wasn't going home and then I picked her up after work.

Teen slept out in the living room on the blow up mattress while Hubby slept on the couch beside him and GF stayed in Teen's room. Teen had to work for a few hours on Saturday so she just hung out in his room and played online until he came home.

She left a little while ago to head home. Her roommate was home for the holiday so she road back with her.

We went out for a little bit Friday morning and I got a new Christmas Tree. Our old one was a pre-lit and several of the rows of lights no longer worked. It is now up and decorated. The last one was all white lights and this one is colored. I also bought some new decorations and we got it all decorated. It is taking me a while to get used to it. I have had the same theme for the past 6 or 7 years so it looks so different. I may have to rearrange some things yet.

We bought a few other things that morning as well, but not too much. I don't like the big crowds. My sister-in-law is one of the nuts that stands in line all night waiting for something. CRAZY! I would never do that.

So what about you? Are you a Black Friday up at 3:00 am to stand in line type person, a get there right after it opens and if you get a deal you get a deal type person, or do you just say forget it and sleep in? I'm the second type. Although I may get up a little early tomorrow and see if there are any good deals online. I am dying to get my hands on a Kindle!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

The holidays are upon us. Every year I wait for this commercial to come on tv. Eat 'n Park is a family restaurant chain that started in the Pittsburgh area. You can click on their link here to check them out. All three of my boyz grew up going Eat 'n Park with their grandparents before they started school.

They are famous for their Smiley Cookies and each child gets one at the end of the meal.

So without further adieu, here is my all time favorite Christmas commercial:

I don't even know what it is that makes me love this commercial, but it just touches me for some reason. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I do. And if you are in the Pittsburgh area and have not gone to Eat 'n Park, you need to eat there. The great service, family friendly atmosphere and food are all worth it.

Friday, November 26, 2010

November 26

My boss at work is from Greece. He came here a little of 15 years ago for college and then stayed here. He speaks English well but has an accent that sometimes confuses me. I know, not hard right...lol He has called into the office asking for Keith and I have transferred him to Kim as a result of his accent and me not hearing him right. Sometimes it is funny, sometimes he doesn't find it amusing.

When I first started there my hand were dry one day and I didn't have any lotion but i noticed a bottle of Bath and Body Works in the drawer that the intern had left behind. Not thinking anything of it, I used a little after checking with the other girls. One of the girls commented that it made the whole room smell really good. And after lunch I put a little more on and went about the day.

Then the boss comes out and asks me: "What are you wearing?"
I was a little confused and said: "Excuse me?"
He asked again: "What are you wearing?"

I had no idea what he was talking about and seriously thought that something I was wearing was not allowed, such as my shoes, shirt, etc. I had only been there about 2 weeks so I thought maybe I had somehow unintentionally violated the dress code.

Then one of the of girls got this look on her face and she realized what he was talking about. The smell of the lotion was bothering him. During this HR happened to walk through the office and wanted to know if everything was ok. So I told her that the boss had just asked me what I was wearing.

Oh, my, goodness...she pulled him aside and told him that he cannot ask a female worker a question like that. It was a huge hilarious misunderstanding on every one's part and we all laughed about it afterwards.

Fast forward to this past Monday. Our office got to be 79* in the afternoon and we asked if the air could be turned on as it was awful stuffy also. So the boss turned the air on and came out and was talking to us and one of the other girls said she was just fine and cozy. I said if it got much cozier they were going to find me asleep on my desk. She also said that she had long underwear on and was still a little chilly.

So they started talking about long underwear and how he once bought a pair a long time ago to go pheasant hunting and they were scratching and uncomfortable to him. But when he went home to Greece he had bought some UnderArmor to wear. Then they talked about how a couple of the other girls were long underwear through the winter as well.

And without even thinking he turns to me and says: "Do you wear underwear?"
Now I knew what he was talking about but I couldn't resist: "What did you just ask me?"
I swear he turned red on the spot. And he made me swear that I wouldn't tell HR what happened as in his words: "I don't need HR on my a$$ again."

It was so funny and we all laughed about it forever. All except HR that is...lol


Thursday, November 25, 2010

November 25

We had a great Thanksgiving. We went to Hubby's brothers for the day and had a day filled with food and laughter.

We played the White Elephant Game. My sister-in-law and myself each bought a bunch of small gifts and gag gifts and wrapped them up. Then you all sit around the table and roll the dice. If you get doubles you get to take a present off of the table. Once all of the presents are claimed you continue to roll for a set amount of time, we chose 10 minutes, and if you roll doubles you steal a gift from someone else. It gets to be a riot as you have no idea what you are stealing.

Usually there is one gift that everyone thinks has to be the best gift and it gets taken again and again. This time it was a bag of pretzels that were wrapped up in a shoe box. Everyone wanted the shoe box.

Here are some of the presents that were unwrapped this year:
A pringles container full of dum-dums and smarties.
Lottery scratch off tickets
Mancala Game
Box of Tissues
Pez dispenser
Silly striped toe socks
Baseball cap

There were about 20 gifts in all and it was so much fun. If you are ever looking for just a fun little game to make everyone laugh and have a good time, this is it. My SIL and I decided at the last minute to play the game this year so we got all of the gifts but you can always just have everyone bring a wrapped present that day for a game later.

And I have no idea why it is called the White Elephant Game, but it just means you are supposed to bring something that you already have laying around. You know that awful mug that someone gave you and you refuse to drink out of? That is a great one to use. Or those photo frames you got one year from Aunt Jane that are pink and you have all boys? That is a great gift to wrap up as well.

Maybe you can sneak this game into your holiday season this year. And if you do, please let me know how it worked out for you and if you had as much fun as we do.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November 24

I have heard enough bad news for one week. I seriously think that there should be a limit on the amount of bad news one person can receive in a certain time frame. Thankfully none of the news directly affects me, it just breaks my heart for those friends and loved ones of mine that are dealing with these matters. Here are just a few:

My Mum's friend Judy was shot in the back by her husband during an argument. You can read the articles here and here. My Mum was able to talk to her today. She is in a lot of pain and has a chest tube as the bullet went through her lung and is sitting next to her spine so they are unable to remove it. She is depressed and worried about what will happen to her husband. How very sad.

Our neighbors dog went in for a minor surgery to have a cyst removed and was found to be full of cancer so they had to have her put to sleep. Little S is so upset, he used to 'walk' her and play with her almost every day. She was a very gentle yellow lab.

I'll try not to make this one confusing but Teen's girlfriend (on and off for 3 years) her brother-in-law's brother was killed in a car accident yesterday morning. You can read that article here.

I just got a phone call on our church prayer that one of the girls in my Sunday school class' father just passed away.

So I have had enough for one week. How about if you share some good news with me in the comments.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 23

Why does it seem like those 3 days before a long holiday weekend are longer than 5 regular work days?

It is only a little after 10PM now but it seems as if this day has gone on for at least 2 days. 6am seems so long ago.

The kids are done now until Tuesday. Monday here is an 'un'official holiday in PA. It is the first day of Buck Season and I believe most of the state shuts down that day.

Teen & Tween are at the Sadie Hawkins dance tonight. Little S is watching Disney or something in his room.

am getting ready to settle in and watch Biggest Loser and hopefully not fall asleep.


Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22

Here is a 'What would you do?" scenario I need help with:

While Teen was in Alabama my friend Heidi flew down as her son was also on the robotics team. Before Teen had a chance to buy a Souvenir T-Shirt she bought one for him. She also bought one for another friends child and her own son. Heidi's son didn't have a backpack with him and put it in one of the other kids backpacks.

Unfortunately the other kids backpack was stolen. They were able to find it later, but it had been cleaned out.

So here is my dilemma. Teen didn't buy a shirt because Heidi bought him one. Her son no longer has a shirt cause the backpack was stolen. And it wasn't discovered until after Heidi was on the flight home and was unable to buy another one.

So what would you do?


Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 21

Today I am taking advantage of the little rule in this years NaBloPoMo and using a Wordless Weekend post option. <---well, i guess it isn't completely wordless now is it?

I love this picture. It is the first day of kindergarten 2009 for Little S.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

November 20

The B.E.S.T. Robotics competition is done and over. Teen will be traveling home at 6am tomorrow and should arrive here somewhere around 11pm. Yes they have school on Monday. Sure hope he doesn't have to work Monday as that will make a very long day for him.

The placed somewhere in the 40's out of 61 teams. They are a little disappointed but here are some facts.

This is the very first year that our school has had a team compete. This program was started in 1993. Therefore some of these teams that he competed against have been doing this for 17 years. I think just the fact that this is their first year and they were able to beat out 18 regional teams to make it to Auburn, Alabama. There were only 60 other teams that made it.

There were 8 rounds and each of the 13 students had to take turns playing or cheering/sitting out. Teen was in 3 rounds. During the final round that he was in, he had to start with a 20 second penalty from an error the prior students made. When it was time for him to start he somehow jumped the robot backwards and it went out of bounds therefore disqualifying them from that round.

Teen took his error pretty hard and when they walked off the stage he walked out of the arena for some air. I knew he was upset and called him. He would kill me for telling you this but he walked outside because he was crying. See he did the programming on the robot and in his mind two things happened. First the team was counting on him being able to make up for that 10 second penalty and second he had no idea what happened that the robot jumped and went out of bounds. So instead of gaining points for the team he lost them.

I talked to him and tried to explain to him that there were 8 rounds. He didn't make them lose points for the other 7 rounds so one error in one round that he was involved in did not make the whole team fail. The whole competition was a group effort and shouldn't fall on his shoulders alone.

I wish that I would have been able to be there and to give him a big old hug, dry his tears and make him feel better. It broke my heart knowing that I couldn't do anything to make it right or better.

But after I got off of the phone with him, I realized that this is about to happen more and more in his life. He will soon be graduating and living at college. I won't be right there to pick up the pieces. All I can do is talk to him, give him encouragement, listen to him and love him. And above all of that pray for him.


Friday, November 19, 2010

November 19

Five Things I'm Doing This Weekend

1. Watching a Movie with Hubby - Grown Ups is on the top of our list

2. Trying to catch Teen's B.E.S.T. team online

3. Going to Thanksgiving Dinner at church Saturday evening

4. Finish reading 'The Help' so I can return it on Wednesday

5. Giving Teen a big ole hug when he gets home from his trip

What are your plans this weekend?


Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 18

First off I want to say that the Robotics Team made it to Alabama. They had a slight delay as the bus radiator blew but they were able to make a temporary fix so they could get back on the road and to the hotel. After dropping the kids off there the driver took the bus over for repairs so they could make it back home.

Tonight my niece and I went to card making class at my church. It is a small group of us girls who like to get together and make greeting cards and such. We always have a nice time and great conversations as well.

I have always loved to have conversations with my kids in the car. Sometimes though when I pick up Madison she is quiet in the car and other times she is a little chatter box.

Tonight we were talking away and she called someone a 'd-bag'. I looked over and asked her if her mother allowed her to talk like that and she said she didn't even realize it was a bad word.

So we were laughing about it and then I asked her if she even knew what that word meant. To which she replied that she had no clue. And the whole time she is laughing and giggling. I thought she maybe knew but didn't want to tell me she did.

But I soon realized that I was used to boys and they don't giggle when they are embarrassed or confused. My boys look at me with a blank expression on their faces and wait for me to tell them the answer. We have talked about everything from books to sex and they never seem to blink an eye.

So I then proceeded to explain when the word really meant and I think if I could have seen her face in the light she would have been 15 shades of red.

I am pretty sure it will be a while before she uses that term again...lol

I am so very thankful for my boyz, but hanging with my niece sometimes is so much fun.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November 17

Well we just got back from seeing off Teen for his trip to B.E.S.T. in Auburn, Alabama. Please pray for safe travels. And if you click on the link above they will be streaming the competition live on Saturday!

On another note, my baby (Little S) will be 7 in a month. SEVEN! Where the heck did that time go?

On yet another note, Laurel got a good report last week from her doctor. Her cancer counts are down and the chemo seems to be making her less sick with each treatment. YEAH! Sometimes things happen for a reason. Not too long ago the FDA pulled the meds that Laurel had been on and she had to start a new chemo regime. And now the counts are down. I believe that God is performing a great work in her body and she will be in remission soon!

And on a final note at church this evening the kids finished packing boxes for Operation Christmas Child. They drew pictures and wrote notes to insert in the boxes. If you have never heard of this program, check it out. It is a wonderful ministry headed up by Franklin Graham, Billy Graham's son.


Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15

I recently borrowed 'The Help' by Kathryn Stockett from the library.

It is her first book and it sucks you right in. I am not very far but when I sit down with it, I can't stop myself from reading. It is the early 60's and is the story of 3 women and their life back then. Two of them are black maids and one is a white daughter of a cotton farmer.

If you are looking for a new book to read I highly recommend getting this one.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

November 14

Lazy days here. Football season is over and this is the first year for the soccer program at the school so there aren't a lot of games for them.

Yesterday Teen went to Pittsburgh to visit his girlfriend with her parents and made it back in time to go to work so he wasn't around.

The rest of us did absolutely nothing and it nice for a change.

Tween recently borrowed Glee Season 1 from the library so we watched a bunch of those episodes.

Little S played on the PS2 and read some books to the cat. He borrowed a book from the library that was titled "Stories to Read to Your Cat" so he did and it was cute.

Hubby watched football and napped.

I can't remember the last time I did nothing all day but look forward to the next time I can do it!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

November 13

The last time I was at my Mum's we went through a bunch of old photo's so I could get them copied and ready for Teen's Scrapbook. This has to be one of my all time favorites of him.

Yes he stillh as those pretty blue eyes.


Friday, November 12, 2010

November 12

Hubby and I are headed out to dinner and maybe some Christmas shopping. We haven't been able to do anything alone together since before school started due to the kids schedules. No one has anything tonight so we are finally getting to go out.

I know this is a sucky post, but according to NaBloPoMo rules I needed to put something up.

Have a great night!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 11

Last week was the Scholastic Book Fair at the elementary school. Little S was so excited as this was the first one that he would be able to go to alone and pick out books.

So I put some money in an envelope and told Little S that he would be able to get 2 or 3 books depending on how much each book cost. Then I went on to say my typical speech before I sent him off to spend 'his' money:

"Remember you can get as many books as you have money for but" and he stopped me in my tracks and he finishes with:

"I know Mum, no pencils, posters or other crap!"

Guess the third child really picks up on what is continuously said to the older two.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 10

One week from today Teen will be leaving for Auburn, Alabama to compete in the B.E.S.T. Robotic's competition at Auburn University.

His high school technology and shop classes took 13 volunteer students and they built a robot, set up a presentation booth, video, brochure, presentation book and t-shirt. This is the first year that they have done this program.

In early October they went to Pittsburgh for a preliminary competition and did very well there. In fact some of the other schools were studying their robot to get ideas to improve their own.

On October 23rd they went to Grove City College and competed in the regional event. Although their robot didn't make it to the final round they place 2nd over all. They are not only judged on the robot and what it can do but also on the other factors from above (booth, video, t-shirt, etc).

The school administration could hardly believe that these kids who never worked together before did so well. And on Oct 25th the school board approved for all 13 students and their 2 teachers to travel to Auburn all expenses paid to compete at the National level. Only the first place robot and the first and second overall get to move on.

We are so proud of Teen and all the work he and his team have put into this project. Each of the students were in charge of a different aspect of the robot and Teen was in charge of programming it. This project has also encourage Teen to pursue programming and networking in college.

His school has also set up a web site to tell more about their robot and their adventures: Big Red Robots. Teen is the one on his knees in the group photo with their medals and trophy.

By the way B.E.S.T. stands for Boosting Engineering, Science and Technology.

Congrats Teen and the Big Red Robots Team! Good Luck in Auburn!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 9

I started reading the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich this summer when we joined the library. I read through books 1-3 pretty quickly and then I started working. It took me almost a month to get through book 4 between work and the kids fall activities getting started.

Then I found out that I can borrow books on tape from the library. My new job is about a 20-30 minute drive depending on the traffic and time of day. I love that I can now listen to a book in about 2 weeks, just when they are due back to the library.

This also gives me a little down time and relaxation before I get in the door from work and all the chaos starts.

I am so glad that Teen can now drive as he has been a great help in getting the other two where they need to be if I am running late or Hubby gets called out or has something else going on that night. I sure am going to miss that next fall when he is gone off to college.

The boys got their report cards this week as well and have all done really great. I am so proud of the work that they do in school.


Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8

We recently started a book club/Bible study at our church.

Our new selection is:
What an eye opener. I am seeing some of these women of the Bible in a whole new light. And I am also realizing that even if we have made stupid mistakes, God still loves us.
If you have a group of women and are looking for a great Bible study, I would highly recommend this series by Liz Curtis Higgs.
I was privilege enough to hear her speak in person at a women's weekend with my church 2 years ago. And believe me if any one is a 'Bad Girl' turned good and can tell about it, it would be her.
One thing that really stuck out to me about her background was that she used to be a co-star on a radio show you may have heard of: Howard Stern. Yes, Liz Curtis Higgs knows what a bad girl is and she knows what God can do for us and how He can use bad girls for good.
If you get a chance to check her out, please let me know what you think.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

November 7

I love Sunday's.

We get up and go to church. Spend time there with our friends and those that are like family to us.

We come home and get a little lunch and then just relax. Or in my case, take a nap. I live for my Sunday afternoon naps.

Sundays are also the day that hubby makes dinner. Today we had pulled pork sandwiches and roasted potatoes....yummy!

Then in the early evening I usually sit with Little S and listen to him read some books. He is becoming quite a good reader. He will soon be reading chapter books.

After that we chill out and watch Sunday TV. I love to watch Desperate Housewives and especially Brothers and Sisters. There is just something about B&S that I love. The big family, the ups and downs and how they all get through it together.

What is your favorite part about Sundays?


PS - Check out the new link/billboard at the top of my blog.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

November 6

We went to YSU today for our first college visit. All I can say is so many things have changed since I was in college and yet surprisingly so many things are the same.

Some of the things that are the same are the dorms. Dorms will always be small cramped little places that they shove too many kids who are then forced to share a community bathroom. One of the biggest differences I noticed was the smell...lol As soon as you stepped onto the floor you could tell if it was a girl floor or a guy floor. Blecht..guys just smell!

On the other hand, when I was in college the dorms were either for guys or for girls. There was one co-ed dorm but it was for upper class men and separated by two different wings. The dorms there were mostly co-ed by floor and they were allowed on each others floors at anytime.

We had restrictions on our visitors and they had to be out by a certain time...in other words we had a curfew. The rule now is that you can not have a visitor spend the night more than 3 nights in a row....Ummmm...Hello?!?! How about NO overnight guests? Guess I am asking too much for 2010.

And the dorms now have FREE laundry. Boy would my Mum have appreciated that. I remember coming home with baskets and baskets of dirty laundry. (btw - thanks Mum for doing all that laundry when I came home)

This school seems more dedicated to helping the students succeed as well. They have plenty of resources for all the students whatever their need may be. They are able to get tutoring with almost any class for free. Even if you just want to have someone look over your English paper before you submit it they will. And the prof's even encourage it.

We plan on going back for a better one on one visit soon. This was an Open House setting and the groups were pretty big so you couldn't ask a whole lot of questions or get the individual attention that we were looking for today.

Overall it seems like a very secure and welcoming campus. I actually can't wait to go back and see it again and then go to a few more schools before he makes his final decision.


Friday, November 5, 2010

November 5

Better late than never. Here are some of my Halloween pics from this year.
This is my friend Kandy's son Logan. I had to share this picture cause to me he looks just like a little Eddie Munster.
This nutso kid is not mine. In fact I don't even know who he is but I had to take a picture of him to share. It was about 50* during trick or treat and he walked around like this the whole time. I'm not sure if I am appalled or entertained at his creativity.
This is my little munchkin Little S. He was so proud to be a 'fighter-fighter'. Our local VFD (volunteer fire department) was on almost every corner slowing down traffic and helping kids to cross. He walked by them so excited that he was 'one of them' that day.
This was our seniors at the Halloween football game. The whole band turned into Zombies for half-time and then they played Thriller as the seniors were featured by doing a Zombie dance. Teen is the third from the right in the ripped white shirt with the green underneath. And yes, that is Shrek standing there watching them.

These are my two 'zombies' Teen and Tween. They are so silly with their faces. They even had scar tattoo's all over themselves. Tween had a nice one right across his throat with blood dripping from it.
And this was a little something I picked up for them last night in the clearance Halloween candy aisle. There were 3 flavors: Snottermelon, Sour Green Boogy, and Lemon Loogy. The back says they were 'Picked Out Especially For You'. Sometimes having boys can be gross and fun at the same time.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

November 4

I just got back from the schools Financial Aid night for high school seniors preparing for college. I am a little bit overwhelmed by all there is to do. Saturday we are going to an open house at a nearby college.

I'm pretty sure that I can no longer pretend that Teen is not a senior.

Sadly we are starting to see less and less of him. He has a job, a driver's license and lots of activities to keep him busy.

It is hard to believe that pretty soon I will be missing this:

He makes me laugh and gives great hugs and still even sneaks in an 'I love you' every once in a while.

Last Friday was Senior Night at the football game. As we stood in line preparing to go out to the field I ask him if we could just step out of line and pretend that he wasn't a senior. He chose to move forward. I promised I wouldn't cry at the game that night and I didn't even though I was dying inside.

I sure hope that the next two aren't as hard to let go as this one is.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 3

Little S and Daddy were in charge of carving the pumpkins this year. I have been so busy and so sick that I just didn't have the time or energy to do it.

This one was carved by Daddy and it is a witch:
Daddy and Little S shared this one:

This on belongs to Little S alone:

Tonight the neighbors and Little S got together and voted on who had the best pumpkin. And guess who won?
This little pumpkin won the carving contest!!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 2

Our church recently got a new pastor. He is young and full of life and ideas. We went from almost never having anything at our church to it being used 3 and 4 times a week for different things. I am so glad we got such a young energetic pastor to keep up with us.

One of the ideas he brought to us for October was Treats at the Trunk Night. It's a fun safe way for the kids to collect candy and play some games without the worry of strangers and moving vehicles.

The youth and leaders organized a few games for the kids while the adults went back to their cars and 'decorated' their trunks.

They had silly games like Pumpkin Bowling
And Put the Pumpkin Together. They had some one cut a pumpkin in a few pieces and then left long toothpicks sitting there for the kids to put it back together.
Pumpkin Decorating - Lots of markers and glitter glue and stickers and such.
Guess How Much Candy - Jars with different types of candy to guess (Little S actually guessed the exact amount on one of these jars)
And then after cider and donuts, the kids went trunk to trunk and collected their goodies. This is my trunk. It looked much scarier in the dark with just the flashlights shining up through the webbing.
The kids had a great time and we can't wait to see what else is in store for the future. Thanks Pastor Jeff!

Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1

I think some of this month is going to be about memories and traditions.

What made me think of this was a simple birthday card I came across last night. It was a simple birthday card, nothing grand or extravagant. It was in a simple blank envelope not addressed to anyone. And when I pulled it out of the envelope it hadn't been signed by anyone either. But I knew exactly who the card was from.

I know without a doubt that my Mummum gave me that card for my birthday.

My Mummum came through the depression and then was a single parent raising her daughter alone as my grandfather died young. So she believes in saving and reusing everything that she can. So in an effort to save money and be able to use a card again, she doesn't sign them. She just inserts the card in the envelope and hands it to the recipient. That way the receiver can then use the card again in the future.

There was a time when she would save wrapping paper as well. Let me tell you it was pure torture on a small child who wrapped a present for her. While we would all rip through our gifts, Mummum would open hers very slowly take great care to not tear the paper. She would then fold it up very neatly and set it aside to be put away and used again in the future.

Sometimes we would even use extra tape in an effort to make her rip the paper...lol

I can think of many more Mummum stories to tell, so I will save those for another day.