Thursday, October 29, 2009


One thing that does not 'haunt' me is scary movies. I absolutely love them!

I used to be the only one around here that would watch them. But a few years ago Teen started liking scary movies. He and I cannot get enough of them.

Now we can't wait until they are on video. October has all kinds of great movies on TV for Halloween. We often try to scare each other during them.

We have seen most of the 'Saw' movies, all of the 'Final Destiny' series and many, many more.

Not too long ago when the movie 'Mirrors' was in the theatre and everyone was saying how scary it was we couldn't wait for it to come out. We were very disappointed. We didn't think it was that scary.

This past Saturday I had a free movie pass so Teen and I went to see 'Paranormal Activity'. It was really good. I think that the simplicity of it made it all the more believable.

Although the downside to seeing a scary movie in the theatre is there are too many people talking and squealing to really enjoy it.

Are you a scary movie fan? If so, what is your all-time favorite movie?



Jen said...

Not a fan of scary movies - not at all. The last scary movie I saw was The Grudge and I couldn't sleep that night. We saw it at the cinema and honestly, I wanted to walk out of the theater and eat the money we spent. My kids don't care for scary movies either... but my husband LOVES them!

BEK said...

NOPE...I can't watch them because then my childhood fear of the sounds of the dark come out!!! I love suspence, but slasher, horror I just can't do. I like my sleep and scary movies take my sleep/rest away... I have a friend in W-town who's whole fam loves movies like the Grudge I just can't do it.

Though I was stuck into watching The Hills have eyes 2 in a cabin on the lake in the middle of nowhere and it was way toooooo predictable. Give me suspense, mystery, and drama!