Saturday, May 31, 2008


No that is not a spelling error. Smiley Grad 5

Seth has been talking about "gradulations" a lot lately. It started a few weeks ago when my MIL was moving some pic's around at the house and he noticed the tassels hanging from the kids senior pictures. He wanted to know what they were and how he could get one. She explained it to him and he decided that he wants to "gradulation".

Fast forward a few weeks. He is in pre-school and they are preparing for the graduation. Unfortunately he has a December birthday and will have to wait another year. But he was so intent on "gradulating" it was hard to talk him out of it. So i took him to the ceremony lsat Friday evening so he could watch his school mates "gradulate". He was so excited, but also sad that he didn't get a cap and wasn't able to walk across the stage. Ms. Andrea is a blessing though as after the ceremony when everyone was standing around with punch and cake, she brought Seth a gift. It was a little monkey with cap and gown that she had given to the kids that were moving on. And also a little bottle of bubbles with a smiley face and cap on. He was the only one there that wasn't graduating and she had a few extra's.

This week was "gradulations" for 6th grade. So we went again to the school and watched Josh "gradulate". They really make a production now for 6th graders. Not that it is a bad thing, just that 3 years ago when TJ graduated they didn't do anything like they do know. They picked a class song "Don't Blink" by Kenny Chesney. That alone made me cry. Have you ever watched the video and really listened to the words? Wow - very powerful. They also are getting a DVD next week with their report cards. It will contain all the highlights of the past year, including their recent trip to Gettysburg.

So even though Seth didn't get to "Gradulate" he did get to see his friends and one of his brothers graduate.

I will leave you with this:


Friday, May 30, 2008

How Much Wood.....

One of my all time favorite tongue-twisters is the Woodchuck one.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
As much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

I have taught the boys that one as well. I don't do well at all with the "s" tongue-twisters, She sells seashells, but I am a pro at the woodchuck.

Do you have a favorite tongue-twister?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lack of Posting

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. Believe me it is not for the lack of material.

I have been unbelievably busy. I have been participating in all of the exciting end of year stuff at the schools that I have never in the past been able to attend. I am so glad that I have had this time off to be able to see the kids and not feel rushed. Many times I have attended in the past, but I rush in just before it starts and then rush out as soon as my child is done.

Then there is that lady next year. She is getting worse and worse with her complaining and yelling. It all finally came to a head over the weekend. More on that later.

Many of you know that I live in a small town. As TJ, Josh and I were playing around on youtube we found this video. Apparently it was a video production class project.

Enjoy "My Town"

Yes, there really is only one stop light in our town.


Friday, May 23, 2008

New Sleeping Arrangements

We finally got a new bed for Teen and set it up in what used to be Seth's room. So Teen now has his own room and Tween and Seth share the bunks in the other room.

Seth has not slept in his own bed but maybe a handful of times since we moved in here. We think he was actually afraid of his room. Shortly after we moved in here, he awoke to a buzzing sound. Turns out the people above us use that room for their treadmill.
However, Seth was convinced that it was more like a beehive in the wall.

So Wedensday night was the first night with the new sleeping arrangements.
TJ slept in his bed Boy In Bed
Josh slept in the top bunk in his room Pillow
Seth slept in the bottom bunk in his new bed Tired for about 10 minutes.

Then it was off to our bed again. Wake Up
I was so frustrated. No
I tried bribing him Lollipop 2
I tried begging him Please
I even tried crying Crying 1

All to no avail. I finally gave up. Surrender

Last night was night 2.

He started whining about going to bed. What Are You Whinging About
But Josh convinced him to go in and watch Charlie & the Chocolate Factory with him.
Belgium Chocolate The original one with Gene Wilder.

He fell asleep in his own new bed watching it! Woohoo

He did try to sneak in to our bed once, but Tom carried him back to his own bed. Usually at that point he just comes right back to our room, but he didn't.
Yeah Baby

No knees in my back. Knee
No elbows in my shoulder. Arm
No laying on the edge of the bed waiting to fall out.

Just Sweet Sleep. Dreaming


Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Gram & I

Dory asked several of us to write something about our mothers for the month of May. Although this is not about my mother, it is about my Grandmother. She was like a second mother to me.

This is from the morning that she passed away. At this point she was in a semi-coma but ever so often would still respond to me.

I sat beside her bed, held her hand and started talking to her. I talked all about our life together. I started from when I was an itsy baby. How for my 4th birthday she flew me down to Florida to stay with her for a whole month. I reminder her that she had me fly down with my Great-grandmother (her mother) and how she smacked my butt on the way home on the plane cause I was crying for her and didn't want to leave. How while I was in Florida, we went to Disney, drove across the Banana River - where you had to pay in banana's to cross (never really knew the real name of the river and it was a toll bridge), how we went swimming at the complex pool and I stubbed my toe on the bottom and she carried me home crying and bleeding, how I chased the waves at the Ocean when she took me there, and how when me and a little neighbor boy were playing in the yard a frog jumped on my head. (I still have a picture of that at home). Then I went on to talk about the time she flew me and my sister out to Arizona over Christmas break one year - by ourselves! We pulled taffy with the neighbor lady who we affectionately called Tia -meaning aunt in Spanish. How we played with the lizards in the yard, and drove out to California to see my uncles and go to Disney out there. When we stayed at my Uncle Jack's my sister thought a train was coming through her bedroom in the middle of the night (there were no trains around). Then I talked about all the fun we had at her place right off the beach as we were growing up. We would spend almost the whole summer there and when it was time to go home, I would always cry and throw a fit - my dad always threatened to never take me back if I couldn't quit carrying on every time I had to leave. I talked about how I chose to go to college where I did so that I could be close to her. She would pick me up on the weekends and we would either go to her place or drive down to my parents for the weekend (my father was dying of cancer at this time). How we bought the house that we did so that she could move in with us. It had a ramp and larger doors in her room and the bathroom in case she was ever in a wheel chair. How I tried so hard to take care of her on my own until I could no longer do so. How she actually loved being at Woodland Place and the people there loved her. (All of the nurses stopped in to see her everyday - she always gave them a big hug and a piece of candy. I always had to keep her candy dish stocked for her.)

After I went through our life together I sang a song to her - "You are my Sunshine" I sang it and cried and sang it again a few times. We always sang that song together on car trips. I then let her know that I was okay and that Tom would take care of me and the kids and that she didn't have to worry anymore. It was time for her to go home and meet Jesus. To see her kids again and the grandchild she never got to meet. Shortly after - her breathing slowed and she got a big smile on her face, I removed her oxygen mask and she took a few more breaths and was gone. She went in peace while it was quiet and just her and I in the room. I think she waited for it to be just us. Everyone was gone, her sister and brothers, no nurses, no other family.

I will never forget her and her fabulous hugs. Her hugs were the best in the world, everyone who ever had one will tell you the same. They were given with Love - not just an obligation hug. It was pure love and I have never had a hug from anyone that comes close to hers. Everyone that ever had a hug from her will tell you the same thing. That is what I will miss most for the rest of my life. Everyone also knew she was a Christian and through all of her trials, she never wavered from her Faith. She was an inspiration to all who knew her and I don't think she was ever forgotten by anyone and I don't believe anyone who ever met her didn't like her.

Sometimes when loved ones die, we try to make them better than they were, we try to put them on a pedestal - but this really was her. She was genuine and hardly ever had a cross word for anyone.

She had a hard life dealt to her. She was the oldest of seven and had to care for her younger siblings. When she was old enough to go to work, her whole paycheck was to be given to her father. She joined the Marines right after Pearl Harbor because her Uncle was stationed there and killed. While she was stationed in CA, she came home one day to find her husband (my dad's father) in bed with her so called best friend. She moved back home to her parents with 2 small children in tow. She worked her butt off to get a place of her own so that her paychecks again didn't go to her father. She was remarried and came home to her kids locked in the attic because he didn't like them. She again left and moved back home for a while. When her daughter was 20 she caught Spinal Meningitis and died within a week. She remarried again to the grandfather that I knew. He was good for her. When my father was 42 he died of cancer. She lost a grandchild shortly after she moved in with us, I was pregnant and had a miscarriage. She had a 5 way bypass, 3 other heart attacks, e-coli from a tear in her intestines, a broken hip, cervical cancer, and many other things I can't think of at the moment. And through it all she never lost her Faith or Hope. She was a true follower of Christ. I strive to be half the Christian that she was and often fall short.

The video below is from Mercy Me, called Homesick. The first time I heard the song Homesick I was on the way home from finishing some of grandma's final affairs. I still can't get through the song without crying.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On a Lighter Note

This video cracks me up.
I can so see the Fluffy Sisters at the end.
You know who you are. Winky 2

Have a great evening!


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sad News

What is the worst possible way for you to find out that someone has died? I can think of a few scenarios from experience.

1. You are about 15 and minding your own business. Listening to the radio and cleaning your room in the early afternoon. As the current song ends, they break for a news story. In the news story they are talking about a tragic death that happened the night before. Two teens were on their way home and took a curve to fast. The passenger flew in front of the driver (no seatbelt) and his chect was crushed by the steering wheel. Then they say the name of the young man. It is a friend of the family. Your mom and his mom work together. You have been to their house. Just talked to him the other day in school.

Talk about a shock to your system. I ran to my mom with the radio in tow. She quickly called a mutual friend and found out that it was indeed the teen that we knew.

2. You hear on the news about a young kids dying in the next town over when he failed to stop at a stop sign while riding his bicycle. He flew right threw the stop sign and into the back of a milk tanker truck on a back country road just down from you. The next morning on the way to work, you stop to get the newspaper and see that it is a young teen that is in Scouts with your own teen. In fact just 2 weeks prior, they were on a camping trip for a week up at the damn.

Another complete shock. I almost fell down in the store. I was so shaken and upset and just couldn't believe it was this teen. I never thought I would have known the teen as the TV reported the wrong town in the original story.

3. You work midnight the night before, come home and go immediately to bed. When you finally get up, you get online and check out the new stories for the day. One of the top stories reads: Woman hit by train identified as CK. You are in total disbelief. They must have the wrong name. But as you read on, you realize that it really is your friend.

This happened to my mum yesterday. The friend was our childhood babysitter. She still kept in touch with us. Sent us Christmas cards every year. Her house sits about 100 yards from the train tracks. (if that far) Apparently she had crossed the tracks and went to the local drug store. On the way back she crossed the tracks again and was walking along the tracks. Not on them. There was some type of arm sticking out from one of the rail cars and it hit her in the back of the head killing her instantly almost right in front of her house. I feel really bad for her husband as their only child (daughter) was killed in a car accident several years ago.

There are many ways to find out someone died, but these three examples are terrible. I will take a late night phone call anytime over finding out on the news, radio or paper.

Sorry this is such a sad post. I will try to get a lighter one up tomorrow.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Predictable Weather

Every year it starts to get really nice and warm here around the end of April. Beautiful weather. Not too hot, not too cold.
Great for sitting outside and reading a book in the yard.
On The Hammock
While I read, Seth rides his bike up and down the sidewalk. At the end of the sidewalk is a drainage pipe. And in the drainage pipe lives 2 frogs. He goes and checks on them and comes back.
Frog Frog
The first week that I was off work were beautiful, perfect weather. The neighbor, Seth and I even walked in the mornings.
Walking 2

Then the Carnival came to town.
Roller Coaster
It has been all downhill since. Seriously.
Every year the first two weeks in May, there is a small carnival that pulls up in the mall parking lot and sets up the rides and food booths.
Every year when it comes to town, the weather turns bad.
It rains and never gets above 65* for the whole two weeks. And it isn't even a warm 65* because of the rain and dampness. I am not even sure why they keep coming back every year. I have never even taken my kids because it does not get warm enough.

On a lighter note, they should be pulling out soon and as I looked at the weather for the next few days, I see a warming trend is on the way here.
Soon we will be outside again. Reading and Relaxing.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Music, Music, & More Music

The last couple days here have been filled with music.

Tuesday night was my Mother/Daughter Dinner at church. My Mum isn't usually able to attend because she lives about 2 hours away and my church always seems to have it on a weekday. But I my mother-in-law, g'ma, Aunt Tracey, and Aunt Mose are almost always able to attend.

This year the theme was "Make a Joyful Noise". We had the privilege to have Gina Toth bless us with her voice. She has an amazing voice and has written many of her own songs. One of the songs that really hit home that evening was "How Will I Know" written by her. If you get a chance pop over there and listen to it.

Yesterday in the early afternoon was Josh's Choral Concert. They all sing different songs with the students in their grade. The theme this year was "Unsung Hero's". Every song was about someone in the school, like the Principal, Teachers, Nurse, Custodian, Cafeteria Staff, Bus Drivers, etc. The kids did a great job and some of the songs and little skits that went along with them were a hoot.

Josh is also in the Elementary Show Choir. They performed 3 songs and had a great time doing it. Some of the kids (including mine) really get into the words and actions.

Then last evening was the Band Concert. Josh plays Saxophone and was in the Elementary band. TJ plays Trumpet and was in the High School Concert Band, Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble.

All the kids did a wonderful job. It was great listening to the little ones first and then up through the ranks to the High School kids. You really could hear how they had progressed through the years.

I almost forgot to mention that Josh was invited to particpate in a Summer Theatre Camp at the local College.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Proud Moment

There are many times in my life when I am so proud of my boys. And then there are also many, when I just want to sink into the floor because of something they have said or done.

This is a very proud moment.

TJ is 14. He is also a Christian. Now that combination right there is sometimes hard to live with. I remember being a teen and trying to be a Christian at the same time. You are often laughed at, made fun of behind your back, and held to a higher standard than others.

Thankfully, my children don't seem to shrink from their Faith around their friends like I may have done at the same age. I am very Proud of them.

Last night TJ was on the phone and I heard him discussing a Bible passage. I naturally assumed that he was talking to his Youth Pastor or one of the other Youth kids from church.

I couldn't have been more wrong. He was talking to the girl he likes. Yes, he was sharing his faith with not only someone from school, but with a girl that he really likes. They were discussing 1 John 5:14-15. I know this because she was having trouble finding 1 John and he was explaining right where it was.

After he got off of the phone, I asked him what was up. He said he was trying to show her how powerful prayer is.

Wow - I am humbled by his faith.

I pray that he continues along this path. That as he continues along the right path, that he will not stray as far as I did. That when he is ready to settle down with someone, she is someone like the girl on the other side of his phone call. A Christian woman who he can share his faith with.


Silly Seth

On the way home from church on Sunday, Hubby was going to stop at his mom's. I wasn't aware until he turned out of the church and headed in the wrong direction. I told him that we couldn't go out there, as I did not have her card and that she wasn't home anyhow. She had to sing at a vow renewal ceremony after church services.

Seth immediately realized that Daddy was going the wrong way and was trying to correct him.

Hubby was frustrated that he had to turn around and Seth kept trying to correct his dad.

So I asked Seth to Shhhh, Shhh
then I asked him to please shush, Shhh
then I asked him to be quiet, Quiet
then....well you get the idea. He was just not going to drop it.

So I turned to him and said "Seth, Zip It!"

He very seriously tells me "But mum, I don't have a zipper on my mouth!"
Zip It
I tried really hard to not let him see me laugh.
Belly Laugh

Sometimes he just has a way to make us all laugh and break the tension.


Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Josh!

Happy Birthday Josh!
Happy Birthday

12 Years old today. I can hardly believe it.
You are a true Blessing in my life.
You Rock
You are a Child of God.
You are a very talented Singer & Actor.
Singer 1
You are very Intelligent.
You make your Dad & I so Proud.
I'm Proud Of You

Starting Out

After many months of reading my friends blogs, I have decided to start one of my own.

I hope to keep you all updated on the things happening here in our little neck of the woods.

Please comment and let me know what you think.