Monday, July 18, 2011

Facing My Fears

Anyone that know me at all knows that I absolutely do not like nor do I use public restrooms. I have been known to go 10-12 hours without using a restroom during the day if I am not home or somewhere I am comfortable.

That being said make this next story even more hilarious.

Tween and I were recently on an expedition of sorts and we left about 12:15 am and arrived at our destination at 1 am. We got settled in and by 10 am we were seated.

With all of the planning we did for this event, I never thought about having to use a public restroom. Honestly the thought never crossed my mind.

However by 2 pm I knew that I was going to have to break down and be brave and use the public restroom. Tween assured me that they were pretty clean. Of course he was using the men's and I was going to have to use the women's.

I put it off a little longer but by 3 pm I had to give in. So off I went, by myself, leaving behind my purse and such with Tween at our seats.

It didn't start out so bad. First off there weren't any entrance exit doors as there were corridors. That made me feel a little better as I didn't have to touch a gross door handle :)

So I look around a little and pick my, umm,

I went in and use the facilities. As I reach for the toilet paper, guess what...there wasn't ANY!!! Ugh! What was I going to do? Seinfeld's "Can You Spare A Square Episode" running through my head.

I look to the right and there isn't anyone in that stall. I look to the left and noticed that who/what ever was in there had been standing backwards the entire time so I was not about to ask for a square.

What to do?? Well since I left my purse back at the seats, my only other option was to rip the cardboard liner apart and use it. To say it was uncomfortable and lacking absorb-ability would be an understatement. But I had no other choice.

So I go out to the sink and notice a girl just standing there with wet hands and as I wet mine and reach for the soap, she tells me that they are empty. We tried 3 different dispensers and although one was clearly full, the handle was broken :( She was just as disgusted as I was!

Thankfully again there weren't any exit doors so I quickly walked back to my seat without touching anything and had Tween get the hand sanitizer out for me.

At the time this wasn't funny, but seriously only I would have this experience. Since I never use public facilities I never thought to check for tissue paper upon entering the stall, I didn't even consider taking my purse in or my own soap.

Next time, if there ever has to be one, I will be more prepared!


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Funny Moment

I have a story to tell that tomorrow. But for today a funny!

Yesterday Tween got some disappointing news and several of my friends were also waiting for the answer. So I text them and let them know the answer he got. Although I got several texts back here are two texts I got in a row from two different friends.

First Dory sent this text: Awww poop

Then Shannon sent me this: Oh man. Stink :(

My Tween was so upset at the time and when I read him the two back to back texts he even had to laugh.

Thanks for making a tough situation a little easier if only for a minute.


Friday, July 1, 2011

The Voice

Tween and I recently watched every episode of The Voice together. We loved it.

We cheered them on and then booed when one of our favorites was cut. I think these singers are amazing and much better than many who are on American Idol. And it didn't drag on for an eternity like Idol sometimes seems to do.

We both feel that America got it wrong and that Vicci or Dia should have one. But I am sure all four of the top 4 along with a few other will get some type of recording contract in the future.

On the final episode each of the finalists got to sing with one of their all-time favorite singers.

So I asked Tween who he would choose to sing with and he wasn't sure but turned the question on me. I had an answer right away. We even text hubby who was outside and asked him who my choice would be and he knew without a doubt who I would chose.

So if you had the opportunity to song with anyone who would you chose? And can you guess who I chose?