Thursday, July 30, 2009

What a Mess

Yesterday afternoon Teen's phone started to ring like crazy with all different numbers that he didn't know. He would answer the phone and people would either say they had the wrong number or ask for someone he didn't know.

This proceeded until about 6pm. Then first thing this morning it started again. Teen started to ask who they were looking for and would get varying responses. Somewhere in all of the calls he got the idea that Verizon was responsible somehow. Someone told him that it was programmed into his phone at their store.

After receiving so many calls this morning, he called me at work to see what I could do. I had him send me the numbers so that I could call AT&T and see what they could do. I cannot say enough about the 2 people I talked to today. Usually I can't get any type of help. Today was the exception to the rule. After explaining the situation to the first girl I talked to she transferred me to a customer service specialist (whatever that is).

I again explained what was going on. She gave me a couple of suggestions of how to handle the situation. Including changing his number for free if we couldn't get the problem corrected. Upon looking over my account she also noticed that we were over our minutes for the month. At this point she removed the overcharge for this month and the one for last month and added 1000 rollover minutes to the account.

Wow - I never would have asked for anything close to that, but I am not complaining. We decided perhaps the best thing to do was to wait just a day to see if it stopped and if not to go into the store and have the number changed.

After I got off of the phone I went online to my account and noticed that even though Teen was getting different numbers each call on his called ID all of the numbers were from the same number online.

Now the detective in me took over. First I went to and did a reverse search on the number. Nothing. Then I just plain old Googled the number. BINGO! The number was for our credit union. Hmmmm......

So I called the number and it went right to my son's phone. Huh? I must have hit redial or something. Tried it again and yep, right to my son's phone.

Now things are starting to add up. Why the calls stopped at a certain time and then started again. But the problem was that I didn't have another number for the Credit Union to see what was going on. I faxed them and emailed them and waited for about 5 minutes. I then tried the number again and waited for a few minutes. After about 20 minutes I got through and they answered. As soon as I said who I was they transferred me to the Manager.

Here is what happened:

About 2 weeks ago I wrote a check to a former co-worker for some items I had purchased from LTD. Yesterday afternoon her boyfriend attempted to cash it at the credit union where I bank.

Being that his name was not on the check and he didn't have an account there, they were unable to cash the check. He started getting pretty upset so the teller looked up my number and tried to call me to see if I knew him. I guess in all of the stress she was under she called Teens phone by mistake. Teen did not answer.

Somehow, when she called Teens phone trying to get a hold of me she hit the transfer button. That is where all of the calls where coming from. To top it off, they were getting more than their usual amount of calls as one of their major customers Direct Deposit did not go through last night and there were a lot of angry customers whose checks never hit the bank.

What a mess! Thankfully it is all resolved now and Teen can go back to texting the world.

How was your day?


Monday, July 27, 2009


There are just some things that you should remember.

These are adorable:
But they will soon grow up and go to new homes. It is a bad thing when the kids start naming them. We are all getting attached, but we know that they will soon go to new homes.

You should know that nursing baby kittens is time consuming. They need fed warm kitten formula several times a day.

You should know that while feeding them, they are not potty trained and (see where I am going with this?) sometimes they have accidents while on your lap.

You should know that when you are grossed out and thankful that the last kitten has been fed you can quickly go into the house and take a shower.

But you should really remember to remove your glasses before stepping into the shower or you will wonder how the bathroom got steamed up so quickly and why you can't see right in front of you. Not that this happened to me or sir...not me!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

I have had so much going on around here lately. I have plenty to write, but just not the time or energy. So I am stealing this from a few of my friends.

13 Pets

1. Samantha - German Shepard / Lab Mix - first dog hubby and I had.

2. Charlie & Tabby - cats - first pets hubby and I had together.

3. Matilda - cat - current family pet.

4. Fritzie - Guinea Pig - my valentines present last year. Yes I asked for her.

5. Princess - Guinea Pig - Snuck her in at college, ended up my mum's pet. Sorry Mum!

6. Tiki - Senegal Parrot - current family pet - yes he talks.

7. Baxter - Green Winged Macaw - He was beautiful, but too loud & big for an apartment.

8. Riley - Black Lab Mix - We couldn't bring him to the apartment with us.

9. Jesse - Black Lab Mix - One of my childhood dogs. Great dog.

10. Tippy - Terrier Mutt - First pet I remember having.

11. Turtle - We found it and our parents let us keep it for quite a while.

12. Sir Isaac Newton - Newt - I loved that stinkin' lizard when I was a kid.

13. Clams - Yes we had real clams in a fish tank that we took care of when we were kids.

This could probably go on forever. I have always had a lot of pets around me. Guess I am just an animal person. I would have more now if it weren't against the rules.

I can't even count how many fish I have had over the years. Although there aren't currently any in residence right now.

Happy Thursday!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Mum & I

I planned on posting about Women of Faith before now, but it has been really nice out so I have been out on the porch watching the boys.
This is a pic of my mum and I sitting at Hard Rock Cafe in Cleveland.
Now if I could only get a pic like this of her and my step-dad for my wall. Hint Hint ;)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Name is Mud......

Or at least it is going to be soon.

Lets just say that I couldn't take the problems in my church anymore, so I decided to do something about it. On Sunday morning in my Sunday school class we all kind of opened up to each other and expressed our concerns over the way things are going. As of last count 11 families have left and we are a pretty small church to begin with.

After we all kind of got it all off of our chests, we asked one of the board members to join us for a few minutes and we expressed our concerns with her. We asked if we could meet with the board alone and use them as mediators. She then said that we would have to contact them on our own.

It is very apparent that no one wants to address the problems and when they are addressed, they are swept under the rug. Let me tell you, the lump under the rug is so big that people are starting to trip over it.

So following in the footsteps of many who have left my church, I contacted the District Council. I am sure that when word gets back to the Pastor, I will be asked to leave as some others in the past have been. I am concerned over the ramifications this will have on my children.

Please continue to pray for this situation as a resolve is found. I love my church and do not want to be forced to leave. I also don't want it to be torn apart any more.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hubby and I have a not so unique way of just connecting throughout the day. Probably much the same as you and your spouse. We occasionally text each other.

Sometimes it is just a simple word that only he and I understand. Sometimes it is more of the don't forget to pick up bread and milk on the way home kind of thing. And other times it is the best kind of note "I Love You".

So yesterday in the middle of the day I picked up my phone and text him as normal. I simply sent him "I Love You".

Then I get this back:

Thanks! You just scared the sh*t out of me. I was working with electric.


Did I mention that we both keep our phones on vibrate while at work?


Friday, July 10, 2009

Incredible Story

I was blog hopping last night and came upon this link. What a truly incredible story of Faith, Love and a Secret Prayer. Before you go there, you might want to grab the tissues.

Confessions of a CF Husband

I will be thinking about them for a long time and will certainly return often.


Thursday, July 9, 2009


It has been a long busy week here. The boyz are in VBS at my MIL's this week. Little S is in class and Tween & Teen are helping out where needed. So between the time they have to be at the church and my work schedule, she decided it would be best if the boys stayed there all week. Less hassle for everyone in the morning.

The only problem is Little S. He has separation anxiety really bad. To the point that he won't stay anywhere with anyone. He has stopped participating in anything that doesn't involve me being with him. I am having a hard time with this as well.

If I do leave him somewhere he holds on so tight that we have to actually peel him off of me and then he cries and cries as I leave. Usually screaming "Don't leave me mommy. Please don't leave me." Talk about someones heart breaking. I can hardly stand it and usually cry half way to where I am going just thinking about him.

So the next question is why is he doing this. We sent him to preschool when he turned three because of similar issues and he progressed pretty good. After 5 months I could leave without him hanging on to crying. He was good for 2 years.

About February he started fussing when I would leave. Then he started crying. Then progresses to hanging on to me and crying. It just keeps getting worse.

Last Sunday when we got to Sunday School he went to his class and I went to mine. About 5 minutes later he was back at my side. I walked back up with him to class. He was the only child in his class that day.

That is when it finally hit me what is going on. Everyone has been leaving him. Literally.

In the last few years my grandma died (she lived with us for several years), hubby's grandfather died, hubby's dad died, there was some issues at our church (still unresolved) and many people left including his best little buddy, hubby's grandmother died, one of his teachers quit church.

I have been trying to reassure him all week that I am not leaving him for good, just over night. As the week has gone on he has actually gotten a little better each night. Not much but a little. At this point any type of progress is good.

Tonight is the last night he has to stay at grandma's and the weekend is soon here so I can spend extra time with him. We might even head up to camp for a night or two.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Theatre Camp

Tween spent last week at theatre day camp at the local college. This was his second year and he enjoyed it so much. I am sure I never mentioned this before, but the boy is talented. Seriously. I am not just saying that because I am his mom.

He was in the High School play when he was in 2nd grade. And not just as an extra, he had speaking parts and 2 songs he had to do with just one other girl.

So at the end of the week, they break them into several groups and each group preforms a skit.

If you would watch these kids act you would not believe that they were given their scripts on Wednesday and were ready to preform Friday night.

This is him in character during his skit. Yes, the tie is slightly larger than him, but that was the best we could do on short

This is him and Little S hanging out afterwards.

Teen and hubby were unable to come this year. I wasn't able to make it last year so hopefully next year we can all make it.

They are talking about next year either making it a full week sleep away camp or maybe a two-week day camp so that they could possibly do a young theatre production in stead of small skits. I am excited


Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Desk

This new job I have taken keeps me pretty bored. I must admit, I get paid nice to sit and be bored. But I absolutely hate not doing anything.

So often I ponder things while I am sitting there. Which brings me to today's topic.

Have you ever just looked at something for so long that you start to read into things?

I noticed that my desk at work is always kept very neat and tidy. Seriously for those that know me otherwise, my desk at work is perfect. Everything has a place and everything is in it's place. My hanging file drawers are neat and organized where anyone can find exactly what they are looking for when they need it. Even my binders are alphabetized and in order.

However, if you open my 2 private drawers in my desk things are not so tidy. Things are mostly thrown or shoved in where I can find room.

This is kind of like my emotions. Everything looks perfect on the surface, but underneath I can be a wreck.

So take a look around at your desk. What does it say about you? Are you too like your desk?


Friday, July 3, 2009

Driving Answer

My mum thought I would say this:

But an Amish horse and buggy are pretty normal where I live. In fact they are so normal to me, that I don't even find them odd anymore.

What we did see was a man jogging wearing what appeared to be this:

A bullet proof vest. Now that might make a lot of sense if I lived in East LA or some bad part of a major city. But I do not. I live in a pretty rural country like area. We can pretty much leave things unlocked and not be bothered. Doesn't mean that we always do, but we could.

So what is the oddest thing you have seen while driving lately?


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Driving to Work

So yesterday on my way to work I saw 4 of these:

Yes, I live in rural PA and this is not an uncommon site. However, where I saw them was. They were walking along the power lines and right into the road. There wasn't a farm around anywhere. The car in front of me stopped at the police station around the corner and let them know so that they could figure out what to do or where they came from.

Someone on FB suggested that they were the cows from "BarnYard" looking for the party? lol

So then on the way to take Tween to Theatre Camp this morning we saw this run across the road:

This is so common in my area that you know where to look and when they are out the most.

However, I did see another very odd thing on the way to drop Tween off this morning. I don't think that anyone would have believed me if Tween wasn't with me to verify it.

Anyone care to guess what we saw? I'll give you a hint, it was not any type of critter.