Friday, October 9, 2009


I am not so much haunted by fundraisers as I am bogged down with them. See the high school band decided last month that they are going to Florida in February.

This coming February.

As in February 2010.

Holy Whole in a Donut Batman!

Hubby decided he wants to go as a chaperone also. So now we are fighting against time to get enough money raised through fund raisers so I don't have to come up with too much cash.

They are selling candles, having pancake breakfasts, selling strudels, selling Forbidden Apples, and who knows what else they will be doing.

I so wish I had the extra money right now and didn't have to beg people to buy stuff.

So if you are one of the unlucky ones that me or the boyz keeps bugging, please forgive us.


ps - I added links in case you aren't sure what a forbidden apple or any of the other products are.


Becca said...

Is that the site that you order apples off of? I love, love candy covered apples!

meg said...

Ah, one of the blessings of having college kids is no more fundraising packets :-)
Of course, now it's just the had out for books, scantrons, gas/bus money, etc :-S