Saturday, October 24, 2009

Prompt to Ponder

Sorry this is late today.

Let's say that Hollywood is going to make a movie of your life.

What genre would it be? Comedy, Tragedy, Horror, Drama, Love Story, etc.

Who would you want to play you? Your spouse? Your kids?

I can't wait to see the answers to this one!



Jen said...

Play me: Reese Witherspoon
Play Hubby: Paul Walker (only because he is smoking hot! Not sure he would make a great comedian...)
Kids: I am not sure! I can't think of any actors my kids' ages!

The Beast Mom said...

Korean melodrama/comedy. They are ridiculously funny and full of sappy tear-jerker moments. The exaggeration would make it very fun. :)

Actors/Actresses: Sun and Jin from "Lost". That would make it even more entertaining. :)


Crystal said...

Hmm, probably a drama for the most part with a little comic relief now and then (but always a happy ending). :)

Play me: Julia Roberts (I have always loved her) although she is much taller and attractive.
Play the hubs: Richard Gere (he's hot) although he looks NOTHING like my hubby. :)
Kids: I think my kids are too young yet.

I don't think anyone would pay to see a movie of my life, but it was an interesting thought! I enjoyed contemplating it!