Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I would say that these things haunt me, but really they terrify me.

It doesn't matter how small:
Or how big they are:
I can't stand them. I don't care to run away from them either. If I would, then I wouldn't know where it went and I would be more scared.
I sometimes think that God gave me boys, just so I would have someone to kill the spiders for me. lol
Before we moved into the apartment, we would see them all of the time. Thankfully, we have an exterminator here and hardly see them.
As long as I can remember I have been afraid of them. I can remember once when I was probably Little S's age I was at my grandma's sitting in the rocking chair across the room from her. I remember her saying hold very still. I remember sliding down off of the chair and my pappap killing a huge spider that was on top of the chair. I am not sure if that is what started my fear, but it sure didn't help any.
Click on this link if you dare: Spiderz Rule!
I can hardly even look at pictures of them without getting the creeps. Blecht!
Mice, snakes, bats, etc. don't bother me at all. They might startle me, but I can look at them or touch them without it bothering me.
What animal/insect terrifies you?


Becca said...

I hate spiders, mice, roaches, anything like that. Yuck!

Jen said...

I am right with you, Stacy. I would rather be knee-deep in snakes than have one spider ON me.

Lucky Wife/Bookaholic said...

I am the spider terminator in my house because my hubby screams like a sissy girl when he sees spiders...
I hatee japanese beetles... (idk)

Dory said...

Spiders can be kinda creepy to look at, especially big ones with long legs... but they don't really bother me. I can pick them up and carry them outside. (Ok, sometimes I scoop them up in a cup or something, not my bare hand)

Now, if a bee or wasp comes anywhere near me - that's when I freak out!