Friday, October 2, 2009


On Friends, Rules of Engagement, Big Bang Theory and the likes you see them meeting up at a little diner or cafe, their "haunt". I always thought "Who in real life really does that?"

I mean seriously who has time to just meet up at the local cafe for coffee and to chat? What are the chances that if you stop in the little cafe one or more of your friends will also stop in or be there?

Well, here in small town USA, that really happens. Really! Lately two of my friends and I have taken to going to the diner together late in the evening for coffee and pie. Not very often, maybe once every other week or so. It is nice to sit together, uninterrupted by kids, husbands, phones or housework. We are there for about an hour, just chatting about life.

And every time we are there someone else we all know stops over at our table and chats for a few minutes. Once one of the other girls parents were there. Her mom came over grabbed our checks and her dad paid for our pie and coffee.

After many years of watching those shows and thinking there was no way that people really met up in diners and coffee shops like that, I am now doing it myself. It really is like that in real life.

Do you have a favorite haunt in your town?



Jen said...

Not lately...

But in the past, a group of friends used to meet for pie & coffee at a little diner in town. It fizzled out though. :(

meg said...

A bunch of local knitters started hanging out at a coffee cafe downtown after the yarn shop's owner passed away & it was closed; every Friday, you'll find at least 2 or 3 sitting there from 3:00 pm onward.

Dory said...

Sadly, no.

Unless Walmart counts.... I see everyone I know there. lol