Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Swap

My sweet friend Becca recently organized a Christmas Swap. I am the last one to post about what I got...Sorry everyone!

I got my package from Tracie.

First there was the cutest snowflake necklace:
And just as cute was a snowflake pin:

I love that they are snowflakes, that way I can wear them just a little bit longer.

Then in the box was the whole set of Avon's Almond & Milk. Lotion, body spray, body wash, hand lotion and chap stick.

And I love, love short stories. My grandma and I used to read Chicken Soup for the Soul all of the time. Tracie sent me "The Book of Christmas Virtues" from the Chicken Soup series. I can't wait to sit down and read it.

Thanks again Tracie for the great package. And thanks to Becca as well for organizing the swap. Can't wait until the next one!


Friday, December 25, 2009

12 Days of Christmas

with a twist. I borrowed this from my sweet friend Shannon. I couldn't resist putting it on here for today. What a great group.

Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you. I hope that you each have a wonderful holiday filled with many blessings, full of family and friends and many sounds of laughter.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

All Little S Wants For Christmas....

So sorry I haven't been around. Christmas has really come fast this year.

Hubby and I put some stuff in layaway on Thanksgiving Day. It ended up being that was about all we could get them this year so I am thankful that we went shopping that day.

That being said, Little S was talking in the car the other day about how Santa was going to bring him a DS. Having an inside track on the big guy in a red suit, I knew this was not going to be the case.

I sometimes feel bad that he gets a little cheated with his birthday in December (although we try really hard for that not to be the case) and also knowing that he doesn't really care for chocolate, I said that maybe the Easter Bunny would bring him a DS.

His response (he is such a character) at first was that Santa can bring anything cause he is Santa.
We told him that all the toys were already made and lists done and that we were sure that the Easter Bunny could handle a DS.

He says: "Nuh-uh, cause a DS won't fit in an egg!"

The kids cracks us up.


Friday, December 18, 2009


I was playing around online and came across this site Only in a Woman's World sponsored by Lay's. So I watched the first few episodes. This one cracks me up.

I instantly thought of Laurel and I. Every time one of us gets sick, we brag about the weight we lost. How silly? We both know that in a few days all of it will be right back maybe with a few extra.

Do you do this too?


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Little S!

Today is Little S's actual birthday. He is now officially 6 years old after 2 fake birthdays.

He loves to make silly faces for the camera. What a goofball.

When he woke up this morning, he went running to the sliding glass doors. He was sadly disappointed that there wasn't any snow. For some reason he was sure there would be snow on his birthday.

He then turned to the tree and didn't see any presents. He was also sure that Santa came on his birthday. Again he was sadly disappointed.

Poor kids, this whole birthday in December a week before Christmas has him all confused this year. He is learning about days, months and calendars at school. He is always asking what number day it is and marks them off on his calendar.

I sure hope the rest of the day is better for him and there aren't any more disappointments.

Look at this could you not love that face? He took this picture himself. What a goof!

Happy Birthday "Monkey-Monster-Peanut Butter-Pumpkin Pie"!
We love you!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Sometimes my kids surprise me and do things for each other that I would never have thought they would do.
In the bottom of my Christmas box was this:

It's a countdown to Christmas calendar. We have never used it. I don't even remember where I got it. Tween dug it out this year and hung it on the door jamb. No idea why he chose that spot. Little S was so excited about it. It was hung up a few days after Thanksgiving when we were decorating and I didn't give it another thought.

Tween has been filling the little bags every day and giving the "present" to Little S. Little S thinks that the elves fill it each night. Tween took this all on himself and has been having a blast with it. He sometimes sticks a piece of candy in it, a coin or even a little trinket.

I am so proud of him for sticking to it and for making Christmas come a little more alive for Little S.

Have your kids done something for one another recently that surprised you?


Monday, December 14, 2009

Party #2

We had Little S 's party here on Saturday for his friends and hubby's side of the family. This was his other "fake" birthday as he calls it. He is starting to understand dates and since it wasn't really on his actual birthday he started calling it his fake birthday party. Sure hope he isn't expecting something again on his real birthday. Jeez.

This was his cake. He loves, loves, loves SpongeBob SquarePants. And the characters have a button on the back of them that makes them pop up and apart and you can mix and match them. An added present.

I bought foam book marks and foam stickies for the kids to make custom bookmarks. And we also played Little S Bingo. Just like regular bingo but with Little S across the top of the card and with pictures instead of numbers.

The kids had fun designing their bookmarks. I even bought some glow-in-the-dark foamies. Even Teen and Tween made a book mark. Of course since Teen only reads if he absolutely has to, he gave his to his girlfriend.

That package there are Bakugan. He got three packages. Tween got a few sets for Christmas or his birthday last year and Little S has been dying to play with them. Tween wouldn't let him touch them at all so he has been asking and asking for his own. He now has more than Tween and I informed Tween he was not allowed to play with them. Is that wrong?

Little S also always wants to play with Teen's Lego's that he collects. Teen does occasionally sit down with him and let him play with them. Fisher Price came out with a new thing called Trio. It is kind of a cross between a Lego and K'Nex . So daddy and I bought him a set for his birthday.

That night Little S begged Teen to help him put his Trio set together. It was the fire station set.

This is the finished product with the fire truck in the garage.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

I can't believe that Christmas is only a little more than two weeks away. I have been running, running, running for the last few days.

Thirteen Things I have to do before Christmas:

1. Finish Making My Christmas Cards
2. Address My Christmas Cards
3. Send Out My Christmas Cards
4. Finish Buying Gifts
5. Pay Off My Lay-a-way
6. Make a Few More Gifts
7. Wrap All of the Gifts
8. Finish Decorating My House
9. Bake More Cookies
10. Watch a Few Christmas Movies
11. Clean My House
12. Pull Off the Christmas Program at Church
13. Relax

What do you have to do yet before Christmas?


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Still Here

Sorry that I fell off of the wagon. I really tried to post Friday and Saturday from my phone, but apparently I did something wrong. I had thought I posted as I didn't get anything back saying it didn't go through. That is until Sunday afternoon just before I left my Mum's. So since I missed two days, I decided to go ahead and take a break. So now I am back.
We went to my Mum's time share for the weekend. It is always nice to get away and head up there. Every year we go up the first weekend in December and celebrate Little S's birthday. His birthday is so close to Christmas, that we try to celebrate early so he doesn't get lost in the mix.

This year was a lot different than most years though. There wasn't any snow and there weren't any deer and one other thing in just a moment.

It did start snowing Friday night and most of Saturday, but it was such a light snow that there was only a dusting after snowing all day.

As for the deer, my Mum later informed me that they had a big hunt recently and took 250 deer out of there. You read that right, 250! They really were over run and they were beginning to not fear people.

We had some sad news this weekend as well. My Mum's kitty had been sick all week and when the neighbor went to care for them Friday evening, he had gotten worse. My dad left in the middle of the night and went home to check on him. He took him to the vet and they decided to have him put to sleep. I felt so bad that my Mum had to deal with this while on vacation and not able to be home. But she was a trooper and did her best to take care of us and not be sad while the kids were there. While I know her heart was breaking. I don't know how she stayed so strong until we left.
OK, enough sad stuff.
Saturday we had Little S's party. Right before the party we had gone to Ponderosa for dinner. We were so full from dinner that we sang Happy Birthday and then put the cake away until the next day. None of us could eat one more bite.
After singing and not eating we let him open his gifts. He just gets his gifts from my parents and grandma at this party. Great MumMum got him a Webkinz. He named it Dorothy. Guess all that Wizard of Oz had sunk in
Then he opened his gift from my parents. He got a Tonka Crane. He loves Tonka trucks. This makes 4. He lines them up in the summer and has a car wash with them. He is so funny.

Look at that smile on his face. The best part about these gifts is that he will sit and play for a long time by him self and I can get something done with out hearing mum, mum, mum, mum a million times....hehe

Hope you all had a nice weekend too.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Candy Canes

This is a short and lame post tonight, sorry.

We ran all day and I almost forgot about my "mitzvah" today. So I had Teen take some candy canes over to one of the other buildings and hang them on their door.

Better posts over the next few days.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009


First I want to post about what I gave away today.
I bought a cute little mug that came with cookies for a wonderful lady in our church. Most of you know our little church is going through some struggles right now and she has just stepped up and out of her comfort zone. She has organized dinners for both fall and thanksgiving and is now in the process of preparing a Christmas Eve service. I put it in a gift bag, got a nice thank you card and without signing it, set it on the back table in the foyer for her to find.
I want to try for the most part to be secretive about what I am doing. But all of you out there in Blog land are in on my little secret.
Now back to the title of today's post.
Have you ever done something completely out of character? So out of character that you feel like you are watching a movie and not actually doing this thing?
I need to first let you all know that even though I live in a tiny little hick town with only one red light at the one and only major cross roads, I drive about 20 miles to work in an area that I would never go into after dark. It is very near Youngstown, OH. Now if you have never heard of Youngstown, OH I will tell you this fact I just looked up: The US average crime rate is 320.9, Youngstown's was 651.9 for 2007.
So when I was working full-time, I would mostly take my lunch with me or run through the drive thru, never ever getting out of my car. Ever!
Today they asked me to work a full day since the other girl took a vacation day. So at lunch I decided to run through McDonalds. When I go there the drive-thru line was almost out to the road. I parked the car and went in. The line was still a little long in there, but not as bad. The computer system had gone down and they were just trying to catch everything back up.
There was a bunch of people to the side waiting for their orders and as food would get done, they would get theirs and leave. One guy was skipped over a few times as his food took a little longer than the other peoples.
All of the sudden he walks up to the counter and starts cussing out the girls behind the counter about how other people are getting their food and he isn't. And it wasn't nice cussing either, it was the Bad, Bad words.
There were also a lot of older people in line (Social Security lunch day I guess). So after he dropped the bomb for about the tenth time and started on the mega-bomb, I said out loud for all to hear: "Can you please watch your mouth?"
Believe me, I think he was just as shocked as I was when he turned around and saw this white chick telling him how to act. He told me it couldn't watch his mouth and mumble something. Another customer behind me replied to him that he was being ignorant. He mumbled a few more things, but toned it down, the counter girl handed him his food and he stormed out eyeing me and the other guy who spoke up.
I placed my order, the counter girl apologized to all of the people still in the restaurant. I never thought another thing of it, until I was walking out of the door. How was I going to get to my car across the lot? All of the sudden I was terrified as I remembered I was in Youngstown instead of Smalltown, USA.
Obviously I made it to my car, back to the office and home without a problem. But even now I am a little shaken at what I did. I swear it was like a movie I was watching, not something I did.
And before you ask, no I have not seen "The Blindside" yet. If you have, you'll know what I am referring to.
Ok, enough babbling for one day. Night!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mitzvah Month

Ok, by the end of last month I was totally tired of posting every day. That was 2 months straight that I posted.

I was absolutely not going to post today. I was going to take a break. I deserved it after posting for 60+ days straight

Then I got a little email from NaBloPoMo saying that this month is "Mitzvah" month. Basically you give something away every day for the whole month and post about it. Jeez, it being the Christmas season and all, I am just not sure I can pass this one up.

So, here we go again. This does not mean I have to buy something every day to give away. The rules state it can be something as simple as giving a "smile" to someone.

So to start us off, I just did this to the doors in my hallway of the building. I put one for each person that lived there. Hope they enjoy it!


Monday, November 30, 2009

November 30

Today is an unofficial "Official Holiday" in the state of Pennsylvania. Can you guess what it is?

All of the schools are closed.

Most of the steel mills and manufacturing plants are closed and the employees get a paid holiday for it.

I can't imagine that anyone would be able to guess this unless you were actually from PA. In fact I work in OH, just across the state line and many of them couldn't believe it when I told them.

So are you dying to know?

Today is the First Day of Deer Season

Sort of like this picture but only with Deer instead of Rabbits.

And A Lot like this (but again with Deer):

Don't believe me? Ask anyone who lives in PA.

Does your state have an unofficial "Official Holiday"?


Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 29

Do you have Ham or Turkey for your holiday meals? For Thanksgiving we have both and for Christmas just a ham.

This was our Thanksgiving Ham:

Here is our Thanskgiving Turkey:

Oops...Wrong picture....This was our Thanksgiving Turkey.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

November 28

Prompts to Ponder

Watching my little ones sleep over the years I have noticed something. All of them can sleep with out blankets.

I simply cannot do it. It could be over 90* in the middle of summer with no air conditioning and I have to have at least a sheet on.

This is just one of the many little qwerks that I have.

Another one is the thing I do with my feet and of course the sock thing. Need a recap? Go here.

What are some of your little qwerks that make you, well, you?


Friday, November 27, 2009

November 27

Just a little funny for Friday that I came across in an email. Enjoy!

This is a game played by two teams, one out the other in. The one that's in, sends players out one at a time, to see if they can get in before they get out. If they get out before they get in, they come in, but it doesn't count. If they get in before they get out it does count.

When the ones out get three outs from the ones in before they get in without being out, the team that's out comes in and the team in goes out to get those going in out before they get in without being out.

When both teams have been in and out nine times the game is over. The team with the most in without being out before coming in wins unless the ones in are equal. In which case, the last ones in go out to get the ones in out before they get in without being out.

The game will end when each team has the same number of ins out but one team has more in without being out before coming in.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

November 26 - Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that you have a wonderful day filled with the love of family and friends.

Last night hubby made the pies. Pumpkin and Pumpkin Cheesecake.

This year I made a little treat for the table. Chocolate dipped pretzels and marshmallows.

We got up early, hubby put the turkey in the oven and the ham in the roaster and we went Christmas shopping.

We had dinner about 12:30 and after everything was put away and everyone left, we all took a nap.

How was your day?


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November 25

Meet Tiki
Tiki is a Senegal Parrot and is about 5 years old. Isn't he a doll?

He has such a personality also. When Hubby comes home from work at lunch time and it is all quiet in the house he will say: Hello & Come Here

He also knows his name and mumbles a few other things. He loves to copy the sound of the microwave buttons being pushed as well as a few other things here and there.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 24

Today was the last day of school for the kids until Tuesday. Monday is an unofficial state holiday - the first day of deer.

Little S had a Thanksgiving Program at school today. He is such a little ham. He found where I was sitting and just played it up to the camera. He is in the green.
I was trying to get a picture of my girlfriends child and he thought I was trying to get him. He sticks out back there like a little monkey. That is him in the background in the green. What a goof...
And this is me and the little monkey, i mean pirate, i mean handsome fella.

Monday, November 23, 2009

November 23

Here are a few more photos from the play. Can you tell I am a proud mum?

This is Tween declaring that the Wicked Witch is indeed dead.

Ding Dong the witch is dead, which ol' witch, the wicked witch.......

Uh, Oh.....Here comes her sister, the mean one.

And this is the Great and Powerful Oz......

All of the kids did an amazing job. I recently fessed up that I really didn't want to go and see this play. I have seen schools do plays of well known musicals before and have just slaughtered them. I just didn't want to be disappointed.

Believe me when I say I was not disappointed at all. The kids did such a great job you could almost hear the original movie stars there on the stage. I have been going to the plays there for over 10 years and every year they do a good job, but this year was exceptional. The last play I remember them doing this well was South Pacific and A Christmas Carol many years ago.

I am so proud of the whole cast, crew and staff and now I can't wait until next year.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

November 22

My answer to yesterdays post.

About a year ago in an interview I was asked: Have you ever stolen anything from your employer?

This is how I answered:

Well to be quite honest haven't we all? If you are asking about big items like computers, furniture, money, etc. Then I can honestly say no. However, if you are asking if I have ever taken anything, then I would have to answer yes. I have taken pens or paper clips or sticky notes. I can't imagine anyone ever working in an office and not ever taking anything.

Not sure if I answered that they way they wanted or not, but that is what came to mind and I said it. I am usually one that would think about how to answer interview questions, but that one I just blurted out.

I never got called back even though they said they would. Perhaps I was a little too honest for them?


Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 21

Prompts to Ponder

I really need you guys to help me out with this one. This very situation came up not too long ago and I think about it often. So what would you do in this situation?

You have been called for a phone interview and did well. So they call you in for a face to face interview. Everything is going along well and you are answering questions smoothly. Then you get this question:

Have you ever stolen anything from your place of employment?

I'll tell you tomorrow how I answered, but how would you answer?


Friday, November 20, 2009

November 20

I know I said I would put pics up today. It is still today even if it is 11:00 pm my time.

I can't figure out how to use my camera and change it to non-flash mode so I only got one pic of him with Little S after it was over. I am hoping to play around with the camera tomorrow so I can take more pics.

I also took this pic last night with my phone.

The cast did an amazing job. I have been taking the boyz to plays down at the school for at least 10 years now and this is the first time I remember the show being sold out. They had to turn people away tonight and that was after they added seating.

There are some really talented kids this year and I can't wait to see what they will do next year.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 19

Tonight is opening night of "the Wizard of Oz" at our High School. Tween is the Munchkin Coroner and has a solo.

Little S absolutely can not wait one more minute to go see him. The put a preview on for the kids earlier in the week and he has talked non-stop about it since.

Hopefully I can get a picture or two to put up here tonight or tomorrow. I think there is some rule about not taking flash picture so I am not sure I will get any, but I sure will try.

I closed my second party after work today and it was another huge party. I am so excited that this opportunity came back around at just the right time. Almost all of the profits from the first party went back into the business. This party I will be able to take a few dollars out and put some stuff on layaway for Christmas.

I also have my Open House on Sunday and another party on Monday. WooHoo...maybe I won't have to go back to work full time.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November 18

Rules of Marriage - Answer

My husband loves, loves, loves ketchup. On almost everything. Really! He loves it so much that for many years for Christmas my Mum would wrap up a bottle and give it to him.
So the answer was: I can NEVER run out of ketchup or it is immediate grounds for divorce! And it has to be Heinz.
I have only ran out once in all 17 years. Thankfully, he let that one I normally buy the 2-pack of the big bottles and try to keep 2 extra on hand.

So recently when Chris K told me about a certain shirt he got his son I had to have a look at it.
I will be ordering this shirt for hubby for Christmas. He also loves saying t-shirts and I am sure he will wear this one with pride!
So do you and your spouse have any silly rules like that?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 17

Rules of Marriage

When hubby and I were about to get married a few (ahem) years ago, he told me one thing that would send us to divorce court very quick.

Anyone want to take a guess as to what that one rule is? I can almost guarantee that you will not get the right answer.

Go ahead, try it. And no Mum & Tony, you cannot participate this time. I am pretty sure you know the answer.

I'll post the answer tomorrow.

Good Luck!


Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16

Saturday my parents and grandmother came up to visit for the day. We went to a Christmas display and while waiting in line for Santa, Little S and I were goofing off.
The nose actually blinked, but I couldn't catch it blinking. And his shirt says "Born to Break Hearts". I love those saying shirts.
Yesterday was the end of the year skating party for the community soccer league. Our skating rink also has some other fun things in it. Like bouncer's and laser tag and a few other things. This was the first time that Little S was big enough to climb the rock wall.
Here he is just starting up. And below is him at the top right after he rang the buzzer. He went up twice and made it to the top both times. What a little pumpkin. Sorry the pics are the best quality. I took them from my phone and tried to zoom in.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

November 15

Lately I have noticed a trend on some TV programs that I watch. I see people walk into their living room or family room, go over to a table and pour themselves a glass of water from a pitcher.

Is this a common thing in your house? I have never just had a pitcher of water sitting around for people to get a drink when they needed one. I feel that the kitchen isn't that far that they can't walk in there and get something.

Do you keep a pitcher of fresh water in your living area for people to help themselves?


Saturday, November 14, 2009

November 14

Prompts to Ponder

Hot or Cold?

If you had to live in a place that the temperature was always either very hot or very cold, which would you choose and why?


Friday, November 13, 2009

November 13

Friday the 13th. Hmmm.....Does today bother anyone being that it is a Superstitious day?

I can remember Friday the 13th ever bothering me. I would and still make jokes about it, but nothing bad has ever happened to me on that day.

Does anyone know what the big deal is with that date anyhow? Who decided it was an unlucky day? and Why?

Not much going on in this neck of the woods. The school came up with this really cool fundraiser for the Disney trip and Teen has almost paid for his whole trip with it ($550). And it was also the easiest fundraiser he has ever done. Anyone wanting ideas for an easy fundraiser that makes a ton of money, email me and I'll get you the details.

I have to get my butt in gear and get some stuff straightened up around here. My parents are coming up tomorrow and my dining room recently puked on itself again.

Have a great night!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

November 12

Last Saturday Teen had the privilege of going to the Pitt vs Syracuse game and playing with the Pitt band during the opening parade and half time.

This is them waiting around before entering the field. That's Teen with the trumpet looking right at us.
Did I mention that Pitt uses Heinz Field for their games? The Very Same Field as the Pittsburgh Steelers!
I can only guess which one he is from this angle. Hubby was one of the chaperone's that day and got as close as he could to get picks. We don't have a camera that takes really good close ups.
They lost half of the band for the trip that day. Our Cross Country Team qualified for States and it just happened to fall on the same day. Many of our band kids are also in Cross Country.
Oh well, there is always next year. But the kids that did go really enjoyed it. They had a blast and Teen was so excited when he got home. He said it was intimidating but also cool playing in front of all of those people. He is used to our little high school field that maybe has a couple hundred people on a Friday night, not the couple thousand that were there.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11

If you see a Veteran or Service Member, please remember to tell them Thank You!

Below is a picture of what we call our Memorial Wall.

Who they are in this order: hubby's great grandfather, my grandmother, my dad, hubby's dad, hubby's grandfather. The flag was my grandmothers and the certificate was also my grandmothers.

We are so proud of our family members who served to give us the freedom and rights that we have.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 10

I just can't figure out this job on so many levels. All of you know how bored I have been for the last few months. I would literally just sit there and no nothing for at least 6 out of the 8 hours I was there every day. I completely understood why they cut my hours back. However, I have been overloaded with work the last 2 days.

I am enjoying being busy, I just can't figure out why it took them cutting my hours to give me work to do. I have made up my mind though that I leave at 2 whether the work is done or not.

I am liking being home early and having a little extra time in the morning. Tonight we did 9 loads of laundry. Yes, I said 9. We only do it about once a week since we have to go to the laundry room. And since there are 5 of us and those boys change there clothes too many times a day, it really piles up. I actually have about 3 more loads of just towels to do yet. Perhaps I will get those done this week as well.

Other than that, not much else going on here.


Monday, November 9, 2009

November 9

So I was thinking about this whole being part-time thing. It might not be so bad once my unemployment starts (which may take a while since I live in one state and work in another).

Last night I spent a ton of time online setting up my website for my Tastefully Simple business.

If you got a bunch of emails from me the last two days, I apologize. It shouldn't happen again. I was just trying to get everything set up.

I am having an Open House next Sunday to introduce the products and gift ideas. And of course to let people know I am out there. If I can get this up and running, I might be able to stay part-time forever. Wouldn't that be nice!

Anyhow, I know that most of you are not able to come to my Open House. However, I have set up an online store and can accept credit cards. Feel free to check it out. Everything is 100% guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not happy with something, let me know and it will be replace, exchanged or refunded.

So when you get a few minutes, hop on over to my Tastefully Simple website and check things out. And if you need ideas for great gifts under $30, email me and I will send you a list of ideas. Some of them are even under $10.

Don't forget to bookmark my Tastefully Simple link so that you can return to place orders anytime, no minimum order or party necessary.

Happy Shopping!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 8

Today has been a quiet kind of day. I started getting a headache in church this morning and it was horrible by this afternoon. It is finally starting to clear up.

Recently I wrote this post Men's Escape and talked about hubby and his friends going to the opening Steelers game (or trying to get in anyhow).

One of the guys had a birthday this week. He also is working on a man cave at his house that is all done in Steelers stuff. So Hubby and I came up with a plan. While they were there they got a picture with one of the Steelers.

At first we were just going to have the picture printed and put in a nice frame. Then we looked around online for a nice Steelers frame. We quickly came to the conclusion that an official Steelers frame was going to be a little more than we wanted to spend.

So we took a trip to Pat Catan's (a local craft store kind of like Michael's). We found Steelers wrapping paper, a plain unfinished wooden football and a plain unfinished wooden frame and some paint. I had wood glue and gloss finish here and hubby had some spray on adhesive.

I then got the creativity going and put it all together and came up with this:

See, I can be creative when I want to. I may not be the cooking, gardening, cleaning type, but I can be pretty creative at times. At least I think so.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

November 7

Happy Birthday 40th Sesame Street!
So today's question is in honor of Sesame Street.
Who is your favorite character? Why?
Who is your favorite actor? Why?
What do you remember most about Sesame Street?

Friday, November 6, 2009

November 6

Holy moly it is cold out there. We went to the last football game of the year. I hardly made it through the first quarter before I was so stinkin cold I wanted to leave.

We stayed until half-time, watched the band play and then left. Poor Teen had to stay until the end of the game.

My fingers are tingling as the warmth is coming back to them.

Anyhow, remember the other day when I was talking about my job and how boring it is? Well today the boss called me in at the end of the day and cut my hours in half.

I am both glad and sad. I am glad that I don't have to sit there and be bored out of my mind while not allowed to do anything. But I am sad that the holidays are approaching and we will now be short on money. The older ones understand, it's the little one that will be disappointed.

The part that stinks is the way they set up my hours now. I will be working from 10 - 2 Mon - Fri. Can't get anything done before work and can't do anything after.

I know, seems like I just can't be happy. I would have rather been completely laid off so I could collect unemployment and have more time to interview and such.

So I will put it all in God's hands. He is in control and I am sure he will direct me where to go next.

On a lighter note, tomorrow is Band day at Univ. of Pittsburgh. They invite the local school bands to come and participate in a pre-game parade and the half-time show. Hubby is going down with Teen to the game with me and the other two stay home, nice and warm and watch the game. So if you tune in to the Pitt vs Syracuse game tomorrow, you might get a glimpse of Teen on the field.

Have a great night. I am going to take a nice hot bath to finish getting warmed up.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 5

So yesterday on the way home from work I see a dead skunk laying in the road. Naturally I straddle it. As I do I start to smell it.

It had obviously just been hit. I mean really recently. The smell was so strong I could actually taste it and I was chewing mint gum at the time.

So I proceed to go home and go in the house at approx 4:50. I had a million and one things to do before I had to leave again at 6:30.

At 6:30 the boyz head out to the car. I follow shortly behind them. As I get into the car the boyz ask me why the car smells like skunk.

Almost 2 hours later and the smell was still in the car. That was one string skunk!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 4

Most of you know that I struggle every day at work. I am still unsure why they hired me as there isn't work there to keep me busy.

I have put out some resumes and hopefully something comes of one of them. I am pretty sure at this point I will be there until after the first of the year as there isn't much out there right now.

I can only ask so many times in one day for work to do. The worst part is that I have to just sit there. I am not allowed online, I cannot read a book, I cannot text, I cannot make phone calls. I just have to sit there. This week they started working on an addition to the building. They are working right outside of my window so at least I have something to watch right now.

The thing I struggle with most is one of the guys in the office. There is a long story here, but basically he has to have someone to boss around and pick on and it just happens to be me. I can go into the whole reasons I think he is like this, but we'll save that for another time. My problem is I absolutely can not stand not liking someone. I always try to find the good in people. I just can't find anything good about him and it breaks my heart that I feel this way.

I find myself mumbling about him to myself when I see him. Making silly faces when he isn't looking and just feeling so mean towards him. I know this is so childish, but I just can't stop myself. He has done somethings that have really hurt me and currently this is how I am feeling.

He is one of those "Sandpaper" people in my life. Perhaps God has put me in this situation to learn to deal with this type of behavior. If this is the case, I might be employed here for a long time if I don't figure out how to forgive him and move on.

I am not one to hold a grudge, but I just can't seem to let go of some of the things he has said and done. You know that saying "Fool me once - shame on you, Fool me twice - shame on me"? He has blindsided me twice now with lies and accusations and I just don't know how to let go and let God this time.

How do you let go of something when you are so hurt but you know you need to move past it? Do you have a suggestion that I can try?


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November 3

Ok, one more Halloween photo and I am done.

Friday night there was a charity dinner called the "Boo Ball" a few towns over. There was a whole group that went. I was unable to attend, but hubby went with a few of our close friends. Hubby is Pres. Bush in jail.


Monday, November 2, 2009

November 2

So most of you know that I am on Facebook. And I love to play Farmville on FB. So the other day as I was playing Little S came up to me and said:

Mum, did you know that cows have 'gutters'?


They have 'gutters'.

Silly kids, I almost fell off of my chair laughing. Of course I immediately called a ton of people and told them what the silly kid just said.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1

Here we go again. Another month of posting every day. Aren't you lucky.
Due to last month being 'haunted' I have held a few things back to share this month. But first we will start with Halloween.

Little S decided he wanted to remove the seed from his pumpkin. Besides his hand was the only one that fit down into the little opening on this pumpkin.

Then he drew the face that he wanted on his pumpkin. He is still way to small to be yielding a knife.
The next night, we made treats for his little friends at school. I took pretzel sticks, dipped them in colored white chocolate and then put sprinkles on them. (I am sure that pretzels fit in with the schools new wellness policy ;)
Little S then decorated the bags and I put 2 sticks in and attached the cards we made.

We had so much fun with this project I am hoping to do it again for Christmas.

This is the boyz with all of their loot after they were done trick or treating. Yes, even the high school kids go around here. I even saw a few adults out this year collecting candy. I don't mind the high school kids, but I draw the line at the adults collecting candy.
After the trick or treat hours almost the whole town gathers down at the school. The band (all dressed up in costumes) plays while every one that is dressed up marches around a few times in front of the judges. They give out prizes for several different categories.

And this picture just creeps me out. It is so real. The kid that was dressed up as Jason really played up the part.

Hope all of you had a great Halloween also.