Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am 'haunted' by stuff. I easily become attached to things and just can't bear to part with them.

Have you ever watched the show "Hoarders"? I can so see how that happens. Yes, it is really gross, but I totally understand some of them. Like the ones that keep every paper that their child has ever done. All of the clothes they have worn. Etc. I too have a hard time parting with things of my kids, parents, grandparents and some of my own things.

I used to keep a lot more of my kids stuff, but since we are in the apartment now, I have to throw a lot more stuff out. To help myself, I bought 3 Rubbermaid containers and in each I have saved a few things through the years of the boys. Maybe a special paper from school, an outfit that I just couldn't part with or a special blankey.

I hate that I get attached to stuff so easily, but I don't know how not to. In fact one of the neighbors was moving recently. She had a chair that she didn't want to throw out but couldn't find anyone to take it. She asked me to come look at it to see if I would like it or know of someone who would. I felt guilty for not taking it. I actually felt bad for the chair that was going to go to the dumpster. It is just a chair. Silly right?

I hate seeing the dumpsters after people have moved out. All I see is money being thrown out. You should see some of the stuff people just throw away. Some of the furniture that has been out there is nicer than mine and most of my furniture is less than 6 years old.

Are you 'haunted' by stuff?



Shana said...

I used to be like that. The older I get and the more times I move, the less attached I am to things. I think my photos and scrapbooks are the most important. And a small gift that my dad (who died when I was 12) gave me when i was 10.
My daughter never wants to throw anything away. We have started to give away stuff but it is tough.

When my mom died and we had to clean out the house she lived in for 30 years really made an impression on me: she kept magazines 20-25 years old. Stacks of them. And clothes from the 70s and 80s and old bills and letters and newspapers and plastic things from the grocery store and plastic bags. She never even threw her old inhalers away after they were empty.

Chris said...

Sorry, but this post hits too close to home.

Crystal said...

I used to feel that way, however, I had no choice but to get past it. When my husband and I were first together, we moved 13 times in 6 years. We simply had to let go of some things when we moved. My husband still doesn't let go of much though. It's really hard to let go, but we have our items down to one plastic tub in the basement; the kids stuff, however...I am working on it. I like to give things to our friends with kids as at least then I know it is being put to good use (when I can that is).

BEK said...

I used to be....But with moving 4 times in less than 8 years I have had to make some choices. Also I read the book: SINK REFLECTIONS. This book is awesome and is the only "house booK" I own now--because it helped me get rid of all the clutter!!!!

I agree about the dumpster; but when we lived in an apt there was no way to do a yard sale- so you do what you do.

I have also been exposed to grandparents who lived through the depression and found drawers full of plastic bags, twisty ties, paper bags, ect.... But then I have a great grandmother who will be 100 Jan 2010 and she doesn't understand why people like "old stuff or antiques" it drives my great aunt nuts when great g wants to throw away stuff before my great aunt sees it. My great aunt collects antiques!

I highly suggest Sink Reflections- it has changed my life for the better!!!

Jen said...

I am not attached to stuff much. Other than photos, I don't have a sentimental connection with most things. Even if I lost something important like my wedding ring, I wouldn't be devastated.

Becca said...

I used to be that way, but we are in a serious declutter mode these days.