Tuesday, June 30, 2009

See This?

This right here is now a driver's permit carrying teenager. Scary right?


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Sweet 16!

Can you believe that this:tiny little baby that was born 6 weeks early, weighed in at 4 lbs 2 oz and seventeen inches long turned into this:
handsome 16 year old?
I can hardly believe it has been 16 years. Seriously where did the time go?
He is really turning into a wonderful & responsible (most of the time) young man. He constantly amazes me with the things he knows and the way he acts. I am very proud of him. He is respectful and is always willing to help others.
Happy Birthday Teen! I love you!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

VBS Week

This will be a short week for posting as we have VBS going on. I am so stinkin' busy I can't stand it. I get up at 6:00 to get ready for work, work from 8-4:30, get home in time to pick up the boyz and head out to church. When I get home at night I have to update all of the PowerPoints for the opening and closing programs and find time to eat dinner while I am preparing for tomorrow. I get to bed about 11:30, and have been falling asleep by 1 or so. I expect to crash hard Friday night and sleep in on Saturday.

Just an update on Laurel. She came home today. Sadly, they determined that it was cancer again. The only good news is that it is still breast cancer. Yes, in her bowels. It is the same cancer, it has just spread. So she will recuperate for a few weeks and then start treatment again.

Sorry such a short post, but I have to get these PowerPoints done so I can get to bed before midnight!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

For Laurel

This was on PostSecret a while ago and I often think of it when Laurel is having a bad day.

Most of you know that she had to have surgery last week for a blockage. She was in good spirits after the surgery, but today she has had a really bad day. She still hasn't been able to eat (almost a week now) and she threw up earlier in the day. She is worried about the test results and what that will bring. She is worried about her kids, her house and everything else that us mom's and wives worry about.

So as you say your prayers, if you would just add her to your list. Pray for Peace for her and good test results and that her spirits would be lifted.

Thank you,

My Obsession

I have only ever met one other person that does the same thing I do. I never brought it up, someone was actually talking about this other person doing it and I just had to go and talk to her and see if it was true.

I do this thing with my feet. I have to count my steps. They always have to be even. I will actually take an extra step at times just to make things even. If I have to walk on different surfaces, I have to walk even steps on each surface. For example, if I am walking down a hallway with wooden floors and there is a throw rug in the middle of the hall, I will take an even number of steps to the rug, an even amount of steps on the rug and then an even amount of steps on the next surface. If one foot steps on any type of different surface, my other foot has to also or it feels weird. Like if I am walking on concrete and there is a crack in the concrete, I have to step on an even amount of cracks with each foot.

This is something I just can't help. I have been doing it as long as I can remember. I can remember walking home from the bus or the little store at the bottom of our hill when we were kids and counting my steps to the house, on the sidewalk and then on the porch into the house.

I also have certain socks for each of my feet. I have a left sock and a right sock and my feet feel weird if I put the wrong sock on the wrong foot.

So have any of you ever heard of this or perhaps you do it yourself? Come on confess....I know you have some weird little thing you do also.

Like count our your M&M's and jelly beans and eat even like colors together? And if there are ones without mates, you have rules as to which can be eaten together and which can't? Am I the only one that does that also?

Ok, I better stop spilling my obsessions before the men in the white coats come and drag me away.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Recently I have been watching a show on TV called Obsessed on A&E. It is about people who suffer from OCD. I never realized how many different types of OCD there are and to what extent some people will go to accommodate for their OCD. Some types of OCD may have started out as a mild phobia that has just gone completely out of control.

I can completely understand how these things happen to people. I have several things that I do that could be considered OCD and I try very hard to hide them and also to not let these things control me.

One thing is my bathroom phobia. One of the first things I have ever done any time that we have moved is change the toilet seats. Just the thought of someone I do not know sitting on them makes me sick. For this very reason I cannot use a public restroom. I do not know who was just on that toilet. I can go for hours without using the restroom. For years I haven’t been able to use the restroom at work and I knew who else is using it. I wait until I get home from work. My family knows that is the first thing I do when I walk in the door. This is something that my kids have had to suffer through. I do everything possible to not take them to the restroom when we are out. I usually have someone else that is with us take them for me or we go home. Just thinking about having to go into a public restroom makes me quiver. I can’t even remember the last time I used a public restroom. I could go on and on about the whole experience and how sick it makes me, but lucky for you readers, I will save that for another day.

I have many other little things that just bother me and I try to avoid, like door handles, handrails, basically things that so many other people touch. I can’t help but think about where their hands were last and what I am going to get on my hands if I touch it also. I try hard to overcome this by walking through doors that are open, I can push open with my elbows or having someone else open the door.

I have a few other little ones, but these are actually pretty minor considering the one that I keep a big secret from almost everyone. First you guys tell me a little about any obsessive things that you do and then I will share with you my secret obsession. In a million years I don’t think that any of you would be able to guess it or have it yourself.


Sunday, June 14, 2009


There is a very beautiful home on the corner of the road we turn on to go to my MIL's camp. They have the most beautiful English Garden at the front corner. I would love to be able to stop and walk through their yard and gardens. Here is just a glimpse of it that I was able to take as we stopped at the stop sign before turning to go home yesterday.

Doesn't it just look so peaceful and relaxing. And yes, that is a beautiful wrought iron gate at the driveway entrance. I will try to get better pictures as the summer wears on.
Have a Peaceful and Relaxing Sunday. We are off to a few graduation parties.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I have to say that one of my favorite things to do in the summer is to camp. No not camping in a tent like my friend Lucky Dorito, but camping in a camper with all the basic amenities. My MIL has her camper set up in a nice quiet little campground. One of her neighbors is couple she goes to church with and another is some friends of theirs. She has been going here about 3 years now.
Camping to me is quiet, peaceful and relaxing. I would rather go camping than to a hotel somewhere. I can let the kids run around, ride their bikes and just be kids and not worry too much.

My absolute favorite part of camping is sitting around the campfire. Even in the middle of a hot afternoon. I love it. Hearing stories, telling stories and getting to know other people. Most of the people at this camp are much older and retired or semi-retired. I have always loved to listen to their stories. I also love to just sit in the quiet sometimes and watch the fire and listen to nature. The birds, leaves in the trees, little bugs buzzing by and of course crickets and frogs.

Little S was just cracking us up today. First he wanted to go lay down and take a nap. (Yeah right, more like he wanted to go snoop around in the camper..lol) So he went in and laid down. About 10 minuted later he came running back over to where we were all sitting.

So he asked us what happened while he was gone. Harry a fellow camper answered him:
Little S: So, what did I miss?
Harry: Nothing.
Little S: Well, what were you doing?
Harry: We were watching the grass grow.
Little S: What channel is it on?
I thought we were going to pee our pants laughing at him. What a crack up that kids is.
This campground also boards horses. There is a pasture across the road with a wooden fence that runs the length of the road and then just electric fence along it and on the other 3 borders. Last year Hubby took Little S over to see the horses. He kept telling him not to touch the wire, but he touched it as he was climbing the wooden post and got zapped. He was fine.
As we were leaving today I asked him this:
Me: Hey Little S, want to go over and see the horses?
Little S: No
Me: Why not?
Little S: Cause the fence is allergic and I will get shocked.
We just all started to crack up again. What a hoot! I think he meant electric....lol
He certainly keeps us laughing.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Boyz

That Little S of ours is something else. He is a pretty smart whippersnapper too. Do you know what happens when I forget to put my digital camera back in my bag after I have down loaded the pics?


Can I just say that I have had this camera for at least 5 years and I have never figured out how to use the video option. In fact I wasn't even sure the video option worked on my camera. Did I also mention that he is 5!!!! LOL I was quite surprised with the video.

Of course he also took plenty of pics while he was at it. Perhaps he will be a photographer or videographer when he grows up.....hmmmmm.

He always seems to take a picture of his hand as well. Silly kid!

As far as Tween goes, he finally got his cast off and the pins out. Let me just say that if anything terrifies a parent, it is watching the nurse use a saw to cut through the cast on your child's arm. I was just waiting for it to slip through and cut him. She assured us it was very safe.

One last look at those pins. One of the caps was already taken off.

Believe it or not, the doctor just pulls them out. The first one slipped right out, the other one he had to use a pair of pliers to get it out. Tween got to keep the pins as a souvenir. They did not put a cast back on, but he still has to wear a splint until his next visit. And unfortunately, he still can't get in the pool. Those incision sites have to heal up first so he doesn't get an infection.

And one last thing. Teen & Tween got their report cards in the mail yesterday. Teen is on the Honor Roll with a 3.32 GPA. And Tween is on the Principals list with a 4.0 GPA. Not sure where those boys get their brains, but we sure are proud of them.


Thursday, June 11, 2009


So I did some checking with my mum last night and found out how I got my name.

Stacy Lynn

Apparenty her and my dad were driving down the road listening to the radio. What ever was on was talking about a soap opera and a character named Stacy. They really liked the name so that is how I got it. As far as Lynn goes, she said it just sounded right together.

I don't really have a nickname other than shortening my name to Stac.

As far as the boyz:

Teen is named after his father, Thomas Edward, but goes by a nickname - TJ (Thomas Jr.).

Tween has two middle names, William (after hubby's grandfather) and Perry (after my dad's middle name). We couldn't settle on who got first dibs on the name so we gave him his own first name (Joshua) and two middles.

Little S is all on his own. We scoured baby books and went back and forth on a few names. I wanted something biblical since the other two were. We went with Seth as his first name and Leighton as his middle name. Most people call him Seth, but at home he is mostly called Leighton or Leight. And so he doesn't feel left out of being named after someone, he has the same initials as me SLG. He has many nicknames that he answers to - Monster, Monkey, Pumpkin Pie and probably a million more...lol

Thanks for playing along. I loved learning how you got your name. And if you haven't answered yet, it isn't too late.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday Why?

I haven't done this in a while, but thought of this the other day and couldn't wait to ask.

Do you know how you got your first & middle names? Are they significant for any reason?

Do you have a nickname? How did you get it?

What about your kids, did you name them for any one or situation? Or their nicknames?

I will have to ask my mum about my names and see what she comes up with. Then I'll let you know.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Busy Bodies

Some of you have asked what I was upset about the other day. I didn't want to put it all out there on FB as I am trying to decided where to go with the whole situation yet.

Several months ago there was some issues that came up in a board meeting at church. It got pretty heated and several people left the church. ( I am not on the board and was not in the meeting ) One of the people who left is a very good friend of mine. I understand why she left, but I do not agree that she left. I feel that if there is something wrong going on, then she should have stayed and helped make things right. She knows how I feel.

Anyhow, a few weeks ago we had company over. There is a little establishment in town that has some really good wings and they are reasonably priced. So hubby called and ordered some wings and veggies. He and his friend ran down to pick them up. This place just happens to also be a bar.

One of the people who left the church apparently saw him coming out of a "bar". Remember, this person has not been to our church since Feb. But he proceeded to call the Pastor, who wasn't home so he talked to his wife, and told her that things are getting so bad at the church that their members are now frequenting bars.

The Pastors wife then took it upon herself to approach hubby during work hours to see if it was true. He was so upset that he didn't even tell her why he was at the "bar". He also brought up the point to her that he bowls on a league in an alley that has a "bar" and that other members of the church also bowl in this league (without bringing up names). She however, did tell Hubby who called her.

He was so upset with the whole situation that he told her that he will no longer be at church and he will also not be in the Ensemble that he has been singing in for years.

There are so many wrongs in this story that I don't even know where to begin.

I went to church Sunday morning, but worked in the nursery during the service. This was probably the best thing for me as I was afraid of what I might say.

I just don't understand what these people are thinking. Neither of them did it out of concern for my husband. One did it out of spite and the other did it out of not wanting the "church" to look bad. Sometimes I feel like not going back to my church myself, but again, what is that solving?

So right now, it is good for me to go to the Adult Sunday School Class and then work in the nursery. I may even head up to my Gram's old church next Sunday for service there. Guess I will have to wait and see what the week brings.

I know that Satan has gotten his foot in the door and is now wreaking havoc. I wish that others would see that too. That we would all stop tearing each other down and start building each other up again.

Most importantly I have to remember that when we are at our weakest, He (God) is at his strongest. He will take all of this bad and turn it into something wonderful.


Another Day

We heard today that they are going to try to attempt to move hubby's grandmother. Which makes everyone feel a little better. Guess we are at their mercy right now.

Despite the circumstances that brought us all together, I really had a nice time with hubby's family. I forget how much fun we all have when we get together. I just wish that we could take a little more time and get together more often.

We have a lot of males in our family so needless to say we also have a lot of "gas" issues. My boyz have been told time and time again that they are only to relieve themselves in the bathroom or their bedrooms. And for the most part they are respectful of that rule. However, once we get together with hubby's brother's and sister and their families all bets are off.

It becomes a big joke and it can be pretty funny at times.

On the way home we were all following each other. Our car had to make a quick stop so everyone else went ahead to our house. My brother-in-law went into my house and used the bathroom. He didn't stick around for us to get home. How nice of him right? It was a $hit & run!

Have a great day!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mud & Mess

For the three years we have lived in this apartment, we have always had this one spot in the yard that will not grow grass. We have put down seed & straw - nothing. We have even tried that stuff that is supposed to grow in high traffic areas - nothing. So we have given up that we will ever get grass in this one spot.
Little S thought it would be a great spot to play though. I have a hanging basket that is on a shepherds hook right off of the patio. Little S has discovered that if you over water it, the water pours out of the bottom of the plant. And if he has one of his dump trucks in just the right spot, it fills up the bed with water. He then takes the water over to the bare spot in the yard and makes a MESS!

First he has to smooth it all out.

Then he adds the water.
Then he digs in. Notice his dump truck and digger under the tree in the background? That is his parking lot.
At one point he was slapping the mud with the shovel and had it all over him. Which of course called for more water to clean him up.
The pool opened here yesterday also, so they had a blast down there. They didn't stay in the water too long though as the water was still pretty chilly. We haven't had enough warm days to get the water to a nice temp yet.
Have a great day!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Many of you know that Hubby's grandmother passed away on Sunday. This was the mother of his dad who passed away in December 07. She was a wonderful woman who lived for her family. She was always glad for visits and enjoyed the grand kids so much. And if you ever left her place hungry it was your own fault.

A little background before the "Unbelievable" part:

Grandma V was married twice, her first husband (hubby's biological grandfather) was killed in the war when hubby's dad was very young. I think around 13 months old. She remarried many years later to Grandpa V and they had 3 more children. Therefore, she bought 3 plots so she could be buried between her husbands.

We had to travel out of town as she lived about 2-1/2 hours away. We had the calling hours on Tuesday and the funeral was on Wednesday. We had all of the services at the funeral home as it was raining and the cemetery was another half an hour away. After the service, we went to the church and had dinner and just hung around a little and talked. It was a really nice visit, despite the circumstances.

After we left Grandma's surviving kids went back to the funeral home to finish arrangements and then went to the cemetery before everyone had to leave town to head home.

When they got to the cemetery they found her plot had not been opened yet. Assuming that they were unable to dig because of the rain, they looked further and found that the buried her next to her mother instead of between her husbands.

Yes, you read that right, the cemetery took it upon themselves to change where she was to be buried. They did not speak to anyone about this. They decided that they did not have enough room to place her between her husbands and decided to bury her over by her mother instead. No they did not even attempt to dig to see if there was room. They just placed her somewhere else.

We are still waiting to hear what they are going to do to correct this. We feel that they sold her 3 plots and that if there truly indeed is not enough room, then they need to make room somehow.

We are still in shock that anyone would do this to begin with. I certainly hope that they correct this problem quickly without us having to go to court.

Have you ever heard of such a thing?


Monday, June 1, 2009


No, Teen isn't that old, but Little S is. He graduated from Preschool Friday night.
Here are a few pics:
He was so cute. They gave them all little caps and diplomas and they sang a few cute songs.
This is Little S walking up the steps for the long walk across the stage.
Receiving his diploma.
2009 Preschool graduating class with their gifts, diplomas and caps.
And an adorable cake with all of their names.
There was also a slide show of the past year while the Whitney Houston song "I Believe the Children Are the Future" played in the background. Yes, there were plenty of tears.

Congratulations Little S! We are proud of you and love you so much!