Friday, April 30, 2010


Introducing "The Better Marriage Blanket"

This cracks me up. Kind of expensive though but if it saves


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sheila Walsh

There are two weekends every year that I go out of town for a girls weekend. One is with my church for a Ladies retreat. The other is to Women of Faith in Cleveland.

All of the speakers at Women of Faith are wonderful, but there are a few that I really look forward to. One is Sheila Walsh. She is so real and I love her Scottish accent too. Recently we started a women's book club bible study at church. We are using 'Beautiful Things Happen When a Women Trusts God' by Sheila Walsh.

I am so excited about this class and the book. As I am reading the book I can hear the lilt in her voice.

Two weeks into the study and I have already learned so much. I can hardly wait for each meeting.

If anyone is interested in joining me in this study let me know. I would love to share this study with others.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Teen has a friend Tyler who is always at Wal*Mart. Seriously he is there probably 5 times a week. I hardly ever go there. I avoid it as much as I can...blecht!

Anyhow, Tyler saw one of their rollback price signs up the other day and just had to get a picture of it. After taking the picture he submitted it to FailBlog and it was featured. Here is the picture, see if you can point out the

Wonder if they would let me just pay the original price?

Have a great day!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Fred & Ginger

Do you believe in spanking? I am talking about using your hand across their bottom, not using any type of object.

I do believe a child sometimes needs a spanking, but I rarely gave my kids one. In fact I think maybe Little S has gotten one spanking.

At what age do you think is too old to give your child a spanking?

Do you think it is different for boys and girls?

The reason I am asking is due to a recent situation that I was recently informed of by one of my sons.

Teen has a friend we will call Fred. Fred is 17 and a Jr in HS with my son. Fred is also a father to an almost 3 year old. (Go ahead do the math.) Fred obviously had some issues but he has really straightened up his life. (A long story for another day)

Fred recently began dating Ginger who is 15. Ginger's dad is a bit odd to say the least. Ginger has a habit of dating boys for about ten seconds and then breaking up with them. Ginger mostly blames this on her dad. For a long time I thought Ginger was just flighty and used her dad as an excuse.

True to form Ginger broke up with Fred after dating for about 3 days. I asked Teen what the problem was this time and he told me it was Ginger's dad. We just shrugged it off.

The next day Teen told me that Ginger had talked to him and the real reason she broke up with Fred was because her dad found out that Fred had a child. Ginger proceeded to tell Teen that she got a huge spanking because Fred had a child and that her dad said she would continue to get spanked every day until she broke up with him. Naturally Ginger called Fred right away and broke up with him.

Ginger is 15. I think it is ridiculous for a 15 year old girl to get spanked by her father.

I have some pretty strong opinions on this whole situation and just can't seem to get it out of my mind. I feel so bad for Ginger and wish that I could do something.

Am I being overly sensitive or do you think this is just wrong also?


Monday, April 19, 2010


I was watching iCarly with Little S tonight and it was about getting detention.

Believe it or not, I got detention once in Jr. High School. My really good friend Jenny just happened to be the principals daughter. We also just happened to not be allowed to chew gum in school. However we were allowed to chew gum on the bus. We lived on one side of the school district and the Jr High was on the other so we had about a 45 minute ride to school each morning with stops along the way. Jenny and I had a habit of stopping in to see her dad in the morning to say hi and just check in. Well you see where this is going right? We walked in one morning with gum in our mouths. Not one to play favorites (I actually think he was harder on us) he had us spit out our gum and gave us detention right there on the spot. I couldn't believe it. I was mortified that I had detention. I was a goody goody and didn't get in trouble.

A few years ago Teen got detention in High School. I honestly can't say that I blame him for getting it and if I were in the same situation I probably would have gotten it too. He was in science class in 7th or 8th grade and they were learning about rock formations. The class was mostly boys and the teacher was talking about basal cleavage. You know what happened next. All the kids started snickering. Teen got into one of those uncontrollable laughs. He was sent to the back of the room and told to turn his desk around. Then the teacher proceeded to say basal cleavage several more times. He just couldn't stop laughing and soon he was given detention. I couldn't even yell at him, I just laughed as well.

So have you ever gotten detention? If so why?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sometimes song have so much meaning to me. Some times song lift my spirits. Sometimes songs make me cry. And sometimes songs find me where I am in life.

This is one of those songs. Please take time to listen to the words.

Have a great Sunday!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Not long ago my sweet friend Shannon posted this video from Old Spice:

Generally I record everything on the handy dandy DVR and zip through the commercials so I had not yet seen this commercial. I couldn't help but watch it over and over again and then tell everyone I knew about it.

After talking about it so much I noticed one day that hubby had bought some at the store. I have to admit that it does smell pretty good. And he bought the deodorant that goes with it. The scent he got was 'Swagger'. So now he tells us he has his 'swagger' on. He is so silly some times.

Last week his male co-worker says to him: 'I'm not trying to be funny or anything but you really smell good lately'

So glad I talked up that commercial, I


Monday, April 12, 2010

Weird Food

Yesterday i was at my sister-in-laws for my niece's birthday party. Naturally all of the kids were down in the basement and outside, the men were in the living room watching The Masters on the big screen and the women were in the kitchen chatting around the island.

On the island were some of the toppings for the burgers and dogs were we having later to eat. There was also a big bowl of chips. So as we are standing there chatting we are nibbling on the chips, pickles and olives sitting there. I noticed that my sister-in-law was taking a chip and putting a pickle on it and eating them. I thought it looked pretty good so I tried it. It was actually really good. Soon we were all eating pickles and/or olives with our chips.

I later thought about how weird but good this combination was. So I got to thinking this morning of some other things I have tried that sound weird but are actually really good.

One thing I like to eat together is cottage cheese with green olives in it. Something I tried while pregnant with Little S and still like.

Another thing is macaroni and milk. I know my step dad is really grossed out right now, but it is so good. The macaroni has to be hot and al dente, pour it into a bowl with ice cold milk and salt it...yummy! My mum used to make this for us when we were kids.

So what are some weird food combinations that you eat? What made you try them? Have you convinced anyone else to try it?


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Today remember what He did for you!

These are pictures from the Easter display at Kraynaks.

Have a great Easter!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

National Letter Writing Month

April is National Letter Writing Month!

Can you remember the last time you received a hand written letter in the mail? I can.

There is a moderately functioning mentally retarded woman that goes to my church. Her name is Bonnie. Bonnie loves to send letters out. I think she writes a letter every day to someone different. You never know when you are going to get a letter from her. But you can guarantee that you will get one on your birthday. She never forgets a birthday. Her letters are a little mumble as she writes the way she talks and thinks, but it always puts a smile on my face to see a letter from her in the mail.

So in honor of national letter writing month, I am committing to writing at least 10 letters this month. They will be send out via snail-mail and hopefully bring a smile to someones face.

Would you be willing to commit to writing 4 letters this month? Just one a week is all I am asking of you. Who knows, the person to whom you choose to write may need it more than you know.