Thursday, October 8, 2009


Recently my sweet friend Shannon blogged about how she is soon going to turn 40. As I read her post, I also started thinking about myself turning 40. I have just under a year and a half and I will hit that milestone.

Wow, the Big 4-0.

I am more than likely about half-way through my time on this side of Heaven.

Age is something that haunts me. I remember being terrified of turning 15. 15 can you imagine? I have no idea what was so scary about it now, but I was really scared. I am not talking about being a little nervous about it; I had full blown depression over it.

I look back at 15 now and think – Wow that was the beginning of a great couple of years for me.
I was in high school. I did a lot of traveling with band and girl scouts. I had a great group of friends and really enjoyed life.

As I am facing 40 soon, I am starting to get a little nervous again. I can only hope that as I move closer to that date, I can see that it will be a great time in my life.

Currently I have a great group of friends in my life, and I have been doing a lot of traveling in the last 2-3 years.

So instead of letting it haunt me, I am going to try to look forward to having a great couple of years and really enjoying life.



Shana said...

I am past 40 and never really thought about age until this past year. Not sure why that is.

Jen said...

My mom told me that her 40's were her favorite decade! I hope we will feel the same way!

Becca said...

I am past 40 by 5 years and am loving it. Age, really is a number. It is all in how you choose to look at it. I have no idea why people fear getting to be this age, because I am feeling like I am coming more into my own. Life really is what you choose to make of it, but I am sure not over the hill!

meg said...

I'm staring down 50 (yikes!) & I can honestly say this is the best part of my far :-)

Dory said...

I'm 43 now and so far, my 40's have been the best yet. I'm finally feeling comfortable in my own skin.