Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I am 'haunted' by emotions. I am and always have been an emotional person. I cry very easy at almost anything.

Lately these stupid TV programs have really gotten the best of me. Almost every night I am crying about something on the TV.

This is the first season I have watch The Biggest Loser. I just couldn't get past the name. Why would you want to name a show that? But the first night it was on Chris K was watching and I got a text from Facebook saying "I could never, ever vote Abby off of The Biggest Loser". Well that little text was enough to pique my curiosity about the show, so I looked it up on the cable 'On Demand' and taped it to watch the next day.

Jeez, Louise, after watching that first episode I had swollen eyes from crying for a week. No Chris K I could never vote off Abby either. However, Tracey, I could vote out in half a heartbeat.

That is not the only show that gets me, there is Three Rivers, the forgotten, Mercy and last week even Survivor had my eyes leaking.

Are there certain shows that you can't get through without crying?



Chris said...

We've been watching it for 2 years (4 seasons) now, and I don't think I've been affected by anyone's story more than hers. Can't even begin to imagine losing any one person in my family, let alone all of them. But the way she left the ranch tonight assured me that she was ready, and that her spirit was healing. Better than any weight loss she could ever experience.

Now be ready to cry tears of joy when Tracie or Liz leave! :)

Stacy said...

@ Chris - No kidding. I am not sure any more which one I want to leave more.

BEK said...

Love Biggest loser- but have fallen behind the episodes with this season. You're right- there are some good shows out right now.

Anonymous said...

I cry when I watch the Home Makeover show and hear their stories and see their new house.


Lucky Wife/Bookaholic said...

Extreme Home Makeover... Hubby says I gotta get a good cry in each week... The first few episodes of Greys anatomy were gut wrenching... I even did the "ugly cry" you know what I mean

Shannon said...

I always cry at Biggest Loser (alternating this season with yelling at Tracy- I'm so ashamed she is from Texas). I also usually cry at Grey's Anatomy, Extreme Home Makeover and many, many, many more. I take my makeup off shortly after I get home for just that very reason.

Becca said...

Grey's Anatomy, and there are several other shows like Army Wives. That one gets me every single time. And don't get me started on Hallmark commercials. Drop of a hat, I tell you!

Jen said...

That crazy Tracie... oh my goodness. She shouldn't be on a weight loss show - she should be on a mental health show.

And sweet Abby, I loved her and she was the most beautiful, graceful person I've ever seen on the show. I bawled like a baby when her parents said "Abby's back!"

I think that is the only show that makes me cry on a regular basis...