Friday, October 23, 2009


I do not have a garden. Besides the fact that I live in an apartment complex and can't put a garden in, I would not have a garden.

Want to know why I won't have a garden? Because I am 'haunted' by weeds. That's right weeds. (I hear you laughing mum)

When we were kids my parents had a HUGE garden. They grew everything. Really, try me, if you ask, I bet I can almost say yes to anything.

During our summer vacation from school, my mum would try to keep us busy and out of trouble while her and my dad worked. So she would leave us lists of things to do. Much like you probably do for your own children in the summer.

However, every day "Pull Weeds" was on our list. Every Stinkin' Day! Every One of Them!

For this reason alone, I do not have a vegetable garden.

Now flowers on the other hand I do have. Maybe because the beds are smaller and there aren't as many darn weeds. Maybe because I can lay tarp and mulch and not have as many weeds. Maybe because they are so pretty. I plant a few flowers every year and usually have a hanging basket or two also.

(Ok mum, stop laughing, it isn't that funny)



Anonymous said...

Yes, it is that funny. Tony laughed too.

Becca said...

We don't have a garden because we live in an apartment. But we have a couple of very nice plants that we have been able to keep going over the years.

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Sorry Lynn - I have to agree with anonymous. (and we both know who that is) lol