Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Sometimes I am "haunted" about not remembering things that the kids have done or said. The way they try to tell you something with all the wrong words. The way they say certain words when they are learning how to talk.

I am so glad that I started blogging. It is often my way of preserving some of those memories. And I also get to share the silly little things with my family and friends that I don't get to talk to everyday.

Seriously, some of the things my kids say are hilarious and if I wanted to share it with everyone and I didn't blog, I would have a heck of a lot of phone calls to

*A few things I remember about Teen: When he was learning to talk he could not say the word 'good'. For some reason he would turn it around and say 'doog'. No matter how much we would work with him it would still come out backwards. Follow this conversation we had with him many, many times:

Us - Say 'g'
Teen - 'g'
Us - Say 'ood'
Teen - 'ood'
Us - Now say 'good'
Teen - 'doog'

It was like some party trick, in that no matter how you tried to get him to say it, it always came out backwards.

He also called his blanket his 'dia'. How he went from Blankey to 'dia' we will never know.

*Tween: He was so smart at such a young age, I don't remember him messing up words to much. A little background, he was potty trained by 2 . But I can remember going to Thrift Drug (sorta like Wal*Greens) to buy diapers cause they always had them cheaper. One time as I was paying I set Tween down on the counter as I wrote out the check. The cashier ask me my phone number and before I could answer, my less than 2 year old told her our phone number and our address.

However, as Tween has grown up we have realized he is very book smart, but sometimes just has no common sense. For example: one evening at church I asked him to put the piano bench away as someone had moved it across the room.

He looked at me in total seriousness and said: "I can't my arms aren't long enough."
I just stood there and looked at him. He was totally serious. It never came to him to pick it up by the front and back, just the two far sides. lol

This summer the boyz went camping with hubby's mom for a few days. I went up on Friday night to get them and stay until Sat afternoon. The campgrounds where her camper is has a little restaurant that is only open Fri & Sat night and Sat for breakfast. They also have a few large tv's hung on the walls and a beautiful stone fire place.

So when I got there they were finishing up eating and Tween had had dessert. One of the first things out of his mouth was "Mum, you should really try the sotomayor, it is so good."

Huh? This was around the time that Sotomayor was being confirmed and he got Sotomayor confused with

Little S: I probably share the most stories about him on here since he is still so little and funny. He really keeps us rolling with the things he says. But I'll share another one so I don't leave him out.

The other day he called my mum to let her know what he wanted for his birthday and Christmas. I am only half listening to the conversation as Little S is a wanderer while talking on the phone. Meaning he can't just stand still or sit when on the phone, he has to walk around.

So he gets done and hands the phone to me. My mum is laughing and asked me if I hear what he asked for. So he told me he asked for a 'collar' for Christmas. You know, one that holds your pants up so they don't fall down. lol What a crack up!

What is something you remember that your kids said 'wrong'?



Becca said...

I am probably not the right person to respond to this. I love reading your memories.

I have never heard A speak. I don't think that I ever will. but ah, such is life. We wish for the things that we know can't happen, though.

meg said...

The one sam gets teased about to this day was as we were driving thru another town on our way home; he was chattering away while looking out the window, when he suddenly exclaimed "Oh, no, that is horrible! Is that legal?" Startled, I asked him what he was talking about & he angrily answered that animals were killed in the building back there.
"What makes you think that?"
"The name of the store is 'Pet Exterminator'!"
"Um, honey, that's 'Pet Extreme' a pet supply store."
He still blushes about that :-)

Jen said...

I may just start calling tiramisu "sotomayor" instead. I love it!