Thursday, October 22, 2009


When I got pregnant with Teen, I noticed that suddenly certain scents bothered me. I am not sure if that is common in pregnancy, but I developed a heightened sense of smell. And it has not left me. I can smell things way before anyone else or I smell things that no one else smells.

You know how when you hear a certain song, it can instantly bring back a memory or take you to a place in time? Like perhaps when you hear “Thriller” by Michael Jackson, his video starts playing in your minds. Or when you hear “Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison, you see Julia Roberts ‘walking down the street’.

This is the way I am with certain scents. I am ‘haunted’ by scents, some good and some bad.

One of the first scents that really bothered me was tobacco. It didn’t matter if it was cigarette smoke or hubby opening a can of chew, I would actually get nauseous from the smell.

Several years ago when Laurel and I worked together, the company we worked for sold Yankee Candles in their stores. They had a candle called “Sleigh Ride”. It was the best scent ever. They only produced it for one year and had we know then, we probably would have bought up a ton of them. If anyone knows of where I can get my hands on that scent, please, please, please let me know.

Scents can make me feel relaxed and comfy. Nothing beats the scent of an apple cinnamon candle burning. It just makes me feel all warm inside. This is usually the scent we have in the warmer at our place. It is just so welcoming to come home to that scent.

In our bedroom we have Lavender Meadow by Glade. The scent just seems to relax me and combining that with a nice warm bath sometimes is just enough to get me to sleep.

Is there a certain scent that ‘haunts’ you? Is there one that you absolutely love or one that you just can’t stand to be around?



Jen said...

I hate the smell of clam chowder. My husband loves the stuff and I have to breathe through my mouth when I make it for him. If I smell it, I gag.

Crystal said...

The smell issue hit me during pregnancy as well and I still can't cook ground beef without gagging, but I love the smell of lavender and freesia. Bath and Body Works used to have a Freesia scented lotion, but they did away with it some years ago and I haven't found anything to compare.

Anonymous said...

They have Sleigh Ride scent at the website above....Hope this helps

Love your blog!
Kathy - OKC OK

Chris said...

Last night it smelled like day-old fish after all the rain. Don't know what makes that smell around here. Probably all the nightcrawlers.

When my wife was pregnant with our first child, she couldn't stand the smell of fried meat. That benefited me, tho. I always got her portion!