Thursday, April 21, 2011

Extreme Couponing

So recently there has been a lot of talk about the new show Extreme Couponing. I have mixed feelings about this show.

I completely understand using coupons and getting a great deal. I use coupons myself and believe me when I say I grew up with the queen of extreme refunding. (That's a story for another day.) If you can avoid paying retail then go for it.

Here is where I have a problem. Some of these people have so much stuff in their houses and storage areas that they will never use it all. I have seen some that have stocked their paper products in their shower. I don't know about you but I have two bathrooms and we use them both.

So why can't these people then take the extreme excess and donate it to charity. There are plenty of homeless shelters, food banks, churches and so on that would love to have a portion of that stuff to pass on to those less fortunate.

I did see a recent commercial for the show that showed a man with 1000 tubes of toothpaste. He has the right idea though. He is donating a ton (literally and figuratively) of items to military families. He is keeping what his family can use in a reasonable amount of time and the rest is going to a wonderful cause.

How do you feel about this new craze? Do you coupon, extreme coupon or not use them at all?


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Would You Rather Wednesday

I was talking to Teen the other day as we were riding in the car and I told him about my Would You Rather posts. He gave me the question for this week. Would You Rather: Eat snake for dinner? or Let 100 spiders crawl on you for an hour? I absolutely would not want to do either but if I had to choose, hands down I would eat snake. I can't stand to have a spider in the same universe as me, let alone 100 of them crawling on me. So what would you choose? Stacy

Monday, April 4, 2011


I have always tried to be the type of parent that lets her boyz be themselves. You know the 'pick your battles' type of parent. Little S loves his cowboy boots. This is a picture from last summer. It was probably 80*+ and this is what he chose to wear.

He told us it was too hot to wear a shirt, but he still had those cowboy boots on. He wears them everywhere. We had to eventually take them off of him as he outgrew them but insisted upon wearing them anyhow. Don't worry though Grandma & Grandpa got him a new pair for Christmas. And he now wears them ALL of the time.

So last night Teen & Tween and I went to the laundromat to get some clothes done. While we were gone Daddy gave Little S his bath and got him ready for bed. When I came home they were talking about his silly socks he put on.

Not sure where he found them but I they were a prize in a game we played at Christmas. They are red, green and white striped toe socks. He wore them to bed last night.

This morning I got him up and set out his clothes. While I was getting his clothes I asked if he had socks, totally forgetting about the silly socks. He said he had them and I went out to the other room while he dressed.

When he came out and I saw the socks I asked him to please go change his socks. He whined about it and I tried to get him to change them. Then he said this:

"Mum, school is about learning not about socks!"

How could I argue with that? I definitely lost that battle with the 7 year old.

This is what he wore to school today. Of course he put his boots on before walking out the door. I figured not many kids are going to see the socks anyhow with those boots on. It's all about choosing my battles :)