Friday, February 27, 2009

Conversations with a 5 year old.

So yesterday I picked up Little S from the sitters after work. On the way home he was chattering away. I'll let you listen to an excerpt of our conversation:

Little S: Did you know that Zachy had 2 grandma's?
Me: Yes I did. How many grandma's do you have?
LS: Two.
Me: Who are they?
LS: You know. GramLivo & GramRetta.
Me: What about Great Grandma that lives with Tracey & Great Mummum that lives with
LS: That is GramLivo & Gram Retta's Mom.
Me: Well, they are still your grandma's.
LS: I am talking about "Old" grandma's, not "Really Old" grandma's.

I couldn't say anymore for laughing so hard. Of course I had to call GramLivo & Gram Retta right away to tell them.

That kid seriously Cracks Me Up!

Have a great day!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Why?

So the topic for today is your Occupation.

Why do you work where you do? Did you go to school for it or just kind of fall into your job?

Are you happy with your present job/employer? What is the best/worst about it?

If you could have any job in the world, schooling & money would not hold you back, what would you do and why?

Again I can't wait to hear your answers.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

The other day Teen and I were discussing his new girlfriend and whether or not she went to church. She recently moved here from Florida and is looking for a church to go to. I told him he was welcome to invite her to our church.

A few days later she spent the day here and I also asked her if she would like to join us for church and that I would be willing to pick her up for service if she wanted to come along. She said that she would think about it, but that she was looking for a Catholic church.

Later that evening, Teen and I were talking and he was excited that she was even looking for a church. I tried to explain to him that there were several differences between our beliefs and those of Catholics. Naturally he asked me to name a few. The following is the conversation that we had.

Me: Well, one big difference is that they prayed to Mary.
Teen: Really? That is great!
Me: Huh, what is so great about praying to Mary?
Teen: Well, if they are praying to Mary then they are sure about their future spouse before they commit!
Me: Uh, son, that is not the Mary I am talking about.

Of course after I explained it to him, we both started laughing we never really finished the conversation. LOL

Have a great day!


Friday, February 20, 2009

My Answers

Sorry I made you wait for my answers but here goes.

I grew up about 40 miles south of Pittsburgh. Every summer we would spend a few weeks at my Grandma's up north near Erie. Now I don't know about you, but my grandparents loved to take car rides. We would often just get in the car and see where it took us. Several times we drove through this little town not far from their place, right through the campus of Thiel College. The campus was gorgeous and kind of stood out in my mind. When it came time for me to decide where I wanted to go to school this was one on my list. I figured it was close enough to my grandma, that if I needed to get away or wanted to go home, she was just down the road and could come and get me. After school, I kind of stayed in the area but a few towns away.

The best part about my area is the small town feel. I love it. My kids are for the most part very safe in this area. And if they do something wrong, believe me when I say I usually find out within a day or two.

The worst part about my area is that there isn't a whole lot to do here. We have to travel for any major shopping or activities.

Will we stay here? I would love to move someday but I am more than happy to stay right here also. I always thought I would move back towards Pittsburgh someday but I am settled now. I guess I will have to see where life takes my boyz and go from there.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Why?

I have been known to ask a ton of questions. I am just that type of person. I am not being nosey, I am just a very curious person. At work they sometimes call me Stacy with the "why". It started first because they were always asking me how to correctly spell my name and second because I do ask a lot of questions. Especially at work. I feel that if I know the reason "why" I am doing something, then I will better understand and be able to comply.

My children are sometimes the same way. And as much as I expect patience from those I ask questions of, I sadly do not always extend the same courtesy to my kids when they have asked "why" for the ten thousandth time in a row.

So in honor of all of our "Whys" here, I am going to start Wednesday Why here.

My question to you is:

** Why do you live where you live? Have you grown up there? Did a job take you there? Schooling? A Spouse?

** What is the best/worst part of living where you live?

** Do you plan on staying there or do you have a different place in mind when the kids grow up, when you retire, etc?

Thanks for playing along. I can't wait to get home and see your answers tonight!


PS - I'll answer these myself in the comments later.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

When Satan Thrives

Our church has been alive and growing for the last 2 years. We are a small church. Our membership is around 100 or so. In the last few years we have had several new young families start attending. Our Youth group went from 6-8 to 12 in the last few months.

Last Wednesday all of this changed. There was a board meeting. Voices were raised, Opinions were made, People stormed out. Taking there membership and families with them.

I am truely saddened by this. One of the families I am very close to. I have talked to them. There is no going back. No one is really talking about what happened, just generalized statements. Our church is very secretive about their board meetings.

I am concerned about what is right and wrong. Where is our church headed? What would cause several families that have gone there for over 30 years to leave?

This week in church there were a lot of families absent.

The best thing that those of us caught in the middle can do is Pray. Give Satan the message that he can not have our church.

If any of you know of a verse I can use and share with others at this time, please let me know.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

A while ago my friend Sweet Shannon used to organize swaps every few months. Since that time Wonderful Becca has taken over as the organizer.
This is what was in my mailbox this week from Kelly at Southern Drama Mama:

If you can't read it, it says "Open This End".

So once I opened it, I found the cutest tissue paper. And under neath that tissue was:

The cutest Heart shaped box filled with candies.

An adorable Heart shaped candle.

A really cool Heart shaped wall hanging. I love the colors and have the perfect spot for it in my Dining room.

And a huge notebook to write all my thoughts down in to share on my blog. I don't know about you but I will sometimes think during the day of something I want to share, but by the time I get home, the thought has gone right out the window.

She also sent me the neatest set of clicky pens in the coolest colors and patterns, but I forgot to take a picture of them. They sort of look like this, but they are clicky.
Everything was so wonderful! Kelly is also a mother to boys, so I enjoy all the girly stuff that she sent me. Thanks Kelly!
I sent my package to Guinevere over at Seeking Camelot.
I hope that you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

What would you do?

Imagine this:

You are in the middle of your work day

Busily working along

You are called to the front desk

You get there and see this:

Then they hand you this:

And start singing several wonderful old love longs A Capella and finish with "Let Me Call You Sweetheart".
No this did not happen to me, but it did happen in our office. This morning with a waiting room full of patients and parents and a treatment area full of techs and patients. It was the talk of the office building today. What a wonderful thing for a husband to do for his wife.
So what would you do if this happened to you?
I would have turned 15 shades of red, puked and died of embarrassment right on the spot. But inside I would have been so thrilled that it was me!
Have a Great Day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Has it been that long?

I was just thinking yesterday that I hadn't posted in a while. In fact, I have been so busy that I haven't even read a few of you in a couple of days. Kids keeping me busy with all of their activities.

So what is new here? I got my hair highlighted 2 weeks ago. I went to the local Vo-Tech and let the 3rd year students work on me. I asked for that cap thing that they pull your hair through, but my hair is a little too long for that so we went with foils instead. I asked for subtle highlights thinking it would just be real mild. LOL I think I now have more highlighted hair that natural. But I am getting used to it. They actually did a pretty good job. And really what do you expect from students and for $12? I will probably go back again. I mean you can't beat the price. My only complaint would have to be that they take a long time, but I scheduled it on a day off and Laurel and I went up together. She got hers cut and her eyebrows waxed and I think it cost her around $8. Can't beat it!

As I sit here I can think of a million other things I have to talk about but not enough time.

Take care.

Until Next Time.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Game Day

Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL?

Steelers Vs. Cardinals
Can you tell who we are rooting for?

Sadly he even has underwear, socks and a Heavy coat to go with what he already has on.
Yes, that is a Terrible Towel hanging from his right side. And the hat, Yep Steelers!
Have Fun Today! Enjoy the Game and Be Careful!