Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1

Here we go again. Another month of posting every day. Aren't you lucky.
Due to last month being 'haunted' I have held a few things back to share this month. But first we will start with Halloween.

Little S decided he wanted to remove the seed from his pumpkin. Besides his hand was the only one that fit down into the little opening on this pumpkin.

Then he drew the face that he wanted on his pumpkin. He is still way to small to be yielding a knife.
The next night, we made treats for his little friends at school. I took pretzel sticks, dipped them in colored white chocolate and then put sprinkles on them. (I am sure that pretzels fit in with the schools new wellness policy ;)
Little S then decorated the bags and I put 2 sticks in and attached the cards we made.

We had so much fun with this project I am hoping to do it again for Christmas.

This is the boyz with all of their loot after they were done trick or treating. Yes, even the high school kids go around here. I even saw a few adults out this year collecting candy. I don't mind the high school kids, but I draw the line at the adults collecting candy.
After the trick or treat hours almost the whole town gathers down at the school. The band (all dressed up in costumes) plays while every one that is dressed up marches around a few times in front of the judges. They give out prizes for several different categories.

And this picture just creeps me out. It is so real. The kid that was dressed up as Jason really played up the part.

Hope all of you had a great Halloween also.



Lena said...

look's like fun! I love the pretzel stick idea, very yummy!

Chris said...

Looks like a successful night/weekend! There were a lot of adults that dressed up but none asked for candy. One dad dressed up like a mummy & walked with his kids. Pretty cool. I might do something next year as it might be the last year the kids want to go. They'd much rather use their allowance to buy candy.

And that pic of the dude on the football field is creepy!