Saturday, October 10, 2009

Prompt to Ponder

I am not sure how I will come up with "haunted" prompts all month, but I'll try.

What decision that you made in the last year or so "haunts" you? Why? Would you go back and change it if you could?



Becca said...

Honestly, I can't say that there are any "things" that haunt me. But I do wish that we had an unlimited budget to travel back and forth to Maine whenever the need arises and we didn't have to work everything into the budget. But when trips like this run into the 4k price range, we do have to consistently think about it. Probably not what you are looking for..

Dory said...

You know a lot of my story - so *yes*.... I definitely have made decisions that haunt me at times. If I could go back and change them - I don't know if I would. Choices, even those that are ultimately mistakes, are learning moments of our lives. We learn to do things differently.... But good or bad - it all brought me to here, the person I am now. (Which is a work still in progress!)

Chris said...

Lack of decision is probably what haunts me most. I am too much of a slave to the "tyranny of the urgent" that I don't plan appropriately. So much of the time I feel like a ship lost at sea. But unlike a lot of people, my ship has plenty of provisions that make it easy just to continue to float. But when you haven't seen land in a while, you get pretty discouraged. And that's scary.