Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 8

Today has been a quiet kind of day. I started getting a headache in church this morning and it was horrible by this afternoon. It is finally starting to clear up.

Recently I wrote this post Men's Escape and talked about hubby and his friends going to the opening Steelers game (or trying to get in anyhow).

One of the guys had a birthday this week. He also is working on a man cave at his house that is all done in Steelers stuff. So Hubby and I came up with a plan. While they were there they got a picture with one of the Steelers.

At first we were just going to have the picture printed and put in a nice frame. Then we looked around online for a nice Steelers frame. We quickly came to the conclusion that an official Steelers frame was going to be a little more than we wanted to spend.

So we took a trip to Pat Catan's (a local craft store kind of like Michael's). We found Steelers wrapping paper, a plain unfinished wooden football and a plain unfinished wooden frame and some paint. I had wood glue and gloss finish here and hubby had some spray on adhesive.

I then got the creativity going and put it all together and came up with this:

See, I can be creative when I want to. I may not be the cooking, gardening, cleaning type, but I can be pretty creative at times. At least I think so.



Anonymous said...

You take after your Mother.

Becca said...

I love it, and is anonymous your mother?

Stacy said...

Yes - Anonymous is my mum. She is just figuring out this blog thing. She has read for a while, but just found out how to comment.

Crystal said...

I like it!

Jen said...

Good job! Looks awesome!