Thursday, December 24, 2009

All Little S Wants For Christmas....

So sorry I haven't been around. Christmas has really come fast this year.

Hubby and I put some stuff in layaway on Thanksgiving Day. It ended up being that was about all we could get them this year so I am thankful that we went shopping that day.

That being said, Little S was talking in the car the other day about how Santa was going to bring him a DS. Having an inside track on the big guy in a red suit, I knew this was not going to be the case.

I sometimes feel bad that he gets a little cheated with his birthday in December (although we try really hard for that not to be the case) and also knowing that he doesn't really care for chocolate, I said that maybe the Easter Bunny would bring him a DS.

His response (he is such a character) at first was that Santa can bring anything cause he is Santa.
We told him that all the toys were already made and lists done and that we were sure that the Easter Bunny could handle a DS.

He says: "Nuh-uh, cause a DS won't fit in an egg!"

The kids cracks us up.



Crystal said...

So cute! Maybe the easter bunny is laying some really large eggs this year. Some new food or something. :)

Anonymous said...

You should check the gamestop or places that sale used systems, I did that for my oldest and got a Gameboy Advanced for 29.99 the DS's are like 59.99.

Just a thought..... Merry Christmas!!

White Hot Magik said...

Mine want's one also and Santa did not bring him one. Too funny about about the Easter Bunny!