Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 19

Tonight is opening night of "the Wizard of Oz" at our High School. Tween is the Munchkin Coroner and has a solo.

Little S absolutely can not wait one more minute to go see him. The put a preview on for the kids earlier in the week and he has talked non-stop about it since.

Hopefully I can get a picture or two to put up here tonight or tomorrow. I think there is some rule about not taking flash picture so I am not sure I will get any, but I sure will try.

I closed my second party after work today and it was another huge party. I am so excited that this opportunity came back around at just the right time. Almost all of the profits from the first party went back into the business. This party I will be able to take a few dollars out and put some stuff on layaway for Christmas.

I also have my Open House on Sunday and another party on Monday. WooHoo...maybe I won't have to go back to work full time.



Crystal said...

I am so glad your new business is going well. Sometimes those businesses are hard to get off the ground.

How exciting that Tween has his own solo! I LOVED musicals in high school and was in couple myself. I'm sure he'll have a grand time!

Jen said...

Glad to hear your biz is doing so well!

Oooh, I hope you can post photos! I would love to see them of the Wizard of Oz!