Saturday, November 7, 2009

November 7

Happy Birthday 40th Sesame Street!
So today's question is in honor of Sesame Street.
Who is your favorite character? Why?
Who is your favorite actor? Why?
What do you remember most about Sesame Street?

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Crystal said...

oh my favorite character is a tie between grover and cookie monster.
Grover because he is the lovable monster, somehow always the underdog. He's also the "star" of "The Monster at The End of This Book" which my grandparents read to me every time I visited (which was often). I now read it to my kids.
Cookie Monster because he is just so darn funny. Like some men I have known, single minded in his quest for cookies. Actually, my parents just recently cleaned out their basement and found the cookie monster cookie jar we hadn't seen since they moved (some 16 years ago). My dad always impersonated cookie monster when he would catch us heading for the cookie jar.

Lots of good memories. I have to say though, after trying to watch it with my own kids one day this year, I found I couldn't handle the constant shift of topics and the kids couldn't sit still. Oh well, I still have the memories to share. :)