Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Obsession

I have only ever met one other person that does the same thing I do. I never brought it up, someone was actually talking about this other person doing it and I just had to go and talk to her and see if it was true.

I do this thing with my feet. I have to count my steps. They always have to be even. I will actually take an extra step at times just to make things even. If I have to walk on different surfaces, I have to walk even steps on each surface. For example, if I am walking down a hallway with wooden floors and there is a throw rug in the middle of the hall, I will take an even number of steps to the rug, an even amount of steps on the rug and then an even amount of steps on the next surface. If one foot steps on any type of different surface, my other foot has to also or it feels weird. Like if I am walking on concrete and there is a crack in the concrete, I have to step on an even amount of cracks with each foot.

This is something I just can't help. I have been doing it as long as I can remember. I can remember walking home from the bus or the little store at the bottom of our hill when we were kids and counting my steps to the house, on the sidewalk and then on the porch into the house.

I also have certain socks for each of my feet. I have a left sock and a right sock and my feet feel weird if I put the wrong sock on the wrong foot.

So have any of you ever heard of this or perhaps you do it yourself? Come on confess....I know you have some weird little thing you do also.

Like count our your M&M's and jelly beans and eat even like colors together? And if there are ones without mates, you have rules as to which can be eaten together and which can't? Am I the only one that does that also?

Ok, I better stop spilling my obsessions before the men in the white coats come and drag me away.



Dory said...

lol lol lol Um... no... never heard of this one.

*there coming to take me away, ha ha, to the funny farm, where life is happy all the time....*

hehe... Of course, I have several OTHER weird things about me so.... ;o)

White Hot Magik said...

I have heard of the step thing. I used to try and count my steps in an effort to increase my musicianship. I would get distracted eventually. Maybe I am too ADD for a compulsive disorder.

I am totally weird in more ways than you want me to recount on your blog. In fact my last entry is a prime example.

Becca said...

I do match up the colored M&M's and jelly bellies and the like...

Turf Dad said...
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Turf Dad said...

That's not so bad Stacy, but I don't know about Nora, she is kind of a freak!

Donna said...

Haha - I have heard of others who do this!! They are my friends from the funny farm!!! LOL Interesting! I'm gonna try to make you NOT take an even step sometime!