Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mitzvah Month

Ok, by the end of last month I was totally tired of posting every day. That was 2 months straight that I posted.

I was absolutely not going to post today. I was going to take a break. I deserved it after posting for 60+ days straight

Then I got a little email from NaBloPoMo saying that this month is "Mitzvah" month. Basically you give something away every day for the whole month and post about it. Jeez, it being the Christmas season and all, I am just not sure I can pass this one up.

So, here we go again. This does not mean I have to buy something every day to give away. The rules state it can be something as simple as giving a "smile" to someone.

So to start us off, I just did this to the doors in my hallway of the building. I put one for each person that lived there. Hope they enjoy it!



Tracie said...

I hope they enjoy it too! What a nice thought!

Lena said...

I love this idea!
Your amazing to keep on going at 60 day straight so far...
I have to say I am ready for this weekend for my break. :(
But, It is a wonderful idea, I really love it. Really we all should do it.
The world would be a better place!

Becca said...

What great ideas! I wish that I could say that I would blog for a whole 30 days, but I am not that disicplined.

Jen said...

I am glad that you have posted that many days in a row. :) It gives me something to look forward to each day!