Monday, December 14, 2009

Party #2

We had Little S 's party here on Saturday for his friends and hubby's side of the family. This was his other "fake" birthday as he calls it. He is starting to understand dates and since it wasn't really on his actual birthday he started calling it his fake birthday party. Sure hope he isn't expecting something again on his real birthday. Jeez.

This was his cake. He loves, loves, loves SpongeBob SquarePants. And the characters have a button on the back of them that makes them pop up and apart and you can mix and match them. An added present.

I bought foam book marks and foam stickies for the kids to make custom bookmarks. And we also played Little S Bingo. Just like regular bingo but with Little S across the top of the card and with pictures instead of numbers.

The kids had fun designing their bookmarks. I even bought some glow-in-the-dark foamies. Even Teen and Tween made a book mark. Of course since Teen only reads if he absolutely has to, he gave his to his girlfriend.

That package there are Bakugan. He got three packages. Tween got a few sets for Christmas or his birthday last year and Little S has been dying to play with them. Tween wouldn't let him touch them at all so he has been asking and asking for his own. He now has more than Tween and I informed Tween he was not allowed to play with them. Is that wrong?

Little S also always wants to play with Teen's Lego's that he collects. Teen does occasionally sit down with him and let him play with them. Fisher Price came out with a new thing called Trio. It is kind of a cross between a Lego and K'Nex . So daddy and I bought him a set for his birthday.

That night Little S begged Teen to help him put his Trio set together. It was the fire station set.

This is the finished product with the fire truck in the garage.



Dory said...

lol.... can I have fake birthdays from now on? You know... so the number doesn't get bigger. :o)

Becca said...

I second Dory's idea..