Monday, November 23, 2009

November 23

Here are a few more photos from the play. Can you tell I am a proud mum?

This is Tween declaring that the Wicked Witch is indeed dead.

Ding Dong the witch is dead, which ol' witch, the wicked witch.......

Uh, Oh.....Here comes her sister, the mean one.

And this is the Great and Powerful Oz......

All of the kids did an amazing job. I recently fessed up that I really didn't want to go and see this play. I have seen schools do plays of well known musicals before and have just slaughtered them. I just didn't want to be disappointed.

Believe me when I say I was not disappointed at all. The kids did such a great job you could almost hear the original movie stars there on the stage. I have been going to the plays there for over 10 years and every year they do a good job, but this year was exceptional. The last play I remember them doing this well was South Pacific and A Christmas Carol many years ago.

I am so proud of the whole cast, crew and staff and now I can't wait until next year.



Shannon said...

How fun! And I love that you are such a proud mum. Love it!

Crystal said...

I am loving those pictures! The set looks incredible! So much better than any musical set we did in high school! A wonderful performance...what more could you ask for. As long as everyone had fun, it's a win!

Becca said...

Great photographs and I am glad that you enjoyed the show!

Jen said...

Wow - what beautiful photos. What a set! Perfect costumes! I am glad it was a success!
Thanks for sharing these with us!