Monday, September 14, 2009

Men's Escape

So after seeing me off on many girls weekends, hubby decided to get in on the act himself. He and two friends went down into Pittsburgh for 2 days.

When they got there they checked in to the hotel. They ended up on the 17th floor. None of them smoke so they got a non-smoking room. However, they do all enjoy the occasional cigar.

So they decided to step out on to the balcony to enjoy a cigar, 17 stories up! When the last one walked out the door, hubby says "We should probably shut the door so that the smoke doesn't get into the room."

As they shut the door they hear "Click". Yep, they locked themselves out on the balcony 17 stories in the air.

This is Jay - good thing he had that cell phone with him. lol They had to call down to the front desk to have someone come up and let them back in their rooms. Go ahead and laugh I did!

Next they went to a FREE concert by Tim McGraw at Point State Park. Yes, I said Free! How cool was that? This was the Kick-Off concert for the opening of the 2009-2010 NFL Season. Since the Steelers won the Super Bowl last year, they get to play the first game of the season.

After the concert they wandered over toward the stadium.

This is Heinz Field from across the River. Look at all of those gold seats. Unfortunately they couldn't get into the game, but they had fun anyhow. They went to a local bar and watched the game and had dinner. It was probably much cheaper there anyhow.

The next morning they went down to the Strip District for breakfast. And then wandered around down there for a little while.

After that they went to River's Casino and played the penny slots. Hubby spent $20 and walked away with $35. Not too bad.

While they were there they also ran into Pittsburgh Steeler Mike Logan who was more than welcoming. Notice the big Super Bowl Ring on his right hand. (Hubby is the one on the far right.)

They had dinner there in the casino and headed back to the hotel.

I am glad that he went and had such a nice time. I think this is the first time that he has ever gone away from us. It is usually me traveling. His get away is when I go to my mum's and take all the boyz with me. lol

I enjoyed the break as well, but I really missed him at night. Even though many times he sleeps on the couch half the night, I am still comforted that he is here. I had a terrible time sleeping and kept hearing all kinds of things.

I am almost positive that if something happens to hubby, I will have to get a dog just so I can sleep at night. lol



Becca said...

How cool a trip is that, but locking yourself out of your room? And did they get spoken to about the cigar smell, do they allow that on the balcony? You can't even do that here. No smoking of any kind in hotels, restaurants or other public gathering places. You have to be like 30 feet away..

Dory said...

LOL.... I really shouldn't laugh because I certainly am one to know just how quickly you can accidentally lock yourself out of a hotel room. At least they were dressed. hehehe But.... we're NOT going to talk about that again. ;o)

Laurel said...

You didn't tell me about them meeting the steeler. That was pretty cool, almost, and I mean almost, evens out their stupidity on the balcony!!!

Jen said...

I am glad he had a guys' weekend! Maybe, just maybe, the next time you want a girls' weekend... :D