Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

I can't believe that Christmas is only a little more than two weeks away. I have been running, running, running for the last few days.

Thirteen Things I have to do before Christmas:

1. Finish Making My Christmas Cards
2. Address My Christmas Cards
3. Send Out My Christmas Cards
4. Finish Buying Gifts
5. Pay Off My Lay-a-way
6. Make a Few More Gifts
7. Wrap All of the Gifts
8. Finish Decorating My House
9. Bake More Cookies
10. Watch a Few Christmas Movies
11. Clean My House
12. Pull Off the Christmas Program at Church
13. Relax

What do you have to do yet before Christmas?



Becca said...

Me, relax...Mitch is going to be going to California next Friday it looks like and not be back until Monday. I will get to just be and do whatever I want...

Crystal said...

I am waiting on a couple more gifts I ordered online and once I get those wrapped, it's just baking, baking, baking of various cookies and for the first time, I am attempting chocolates. Then I've got to get everyone packed up and headed to my in-laws on christmas eve. Oh no! I just remembered, I have to find someone to watch the dog while we are gone! How could I have missed that?! Alright, I'm on that one today.

Dory said...

How funny that you put RELAX as last on your list. I know it seems like you have a lot to do but.... slow down and enjoy the season a little. Everything else will get done.

Jen said...

I think I am as ready as I am gonna get!
I don't decorate for Christmas, other than the Christmas tree. And my Christmas cards will not be sent until January - waiting for Matt's senior pics before I mail any out. As far as shopping goes, I believe we are done with that. Everything we've purchased is wrapped and ready to go.

Good luck with your list - I know you can accomplish everything you set out to do! :)