Saturday, November 14, 2009

November 14

Prompts to Ponder

Hot or Cold?

If you had to live in a place that the temperature was always either very hot or very cold, which would you choose and why?



Becca said...

Hot. I am not doing so well with the change of the seasons! You would think that with all this here extra padding I would stay warm, but you would be wrong. I am so not insulated against these temperatures!

Crystal said...

Hot. I cannot stand the cold. Why on earth I am stilling living in Nebraska is anyone's guess. I can stand the heat and cool off with some water or something, but no matter how many layers I am wearing..once I am cold..I don't warm up well.

kiki said...
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kiki said...

for some reason, i posted under my girlfriend's name... kiki. how did this happen? i don't have her blogger login or password. weird.


by the way, i would rather be too hot than too cold. sweat grosses me out. :)

Dory said...

Hot. I don't like the cold... as you well know.

Anonymous said...

COLD. I can always put more layers on but can't take more off.


Lena said...

hot, Hot , HOT..