Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Many of you know that I suffer from insomnia off and on. I cannot get to sleep at night. Then when I do fall asleep, I often wake up many times through the night. Once it gets to 5 or 6, I just stay up. At that point if I were to go back to sleep, I wouldn't be able to get back up. Sometimes I will go on like this for days at a time.

Then it hits me. Like today. It is almost 3pm and I am completely exhausted. I can hardly stay awake sitting here at my desk. It doesn't help the matter at all that I have next to nothing to do many days. Including today.

I have tried coffee and Diet Mt Dew. I am afraid of those Monster caffeine drinks.

So, I pose a question to all of you:
When you are really tired and have to stay awake,
what is something you do that wakes you back up?
Perhaps you splash cold water on your face or stick your head in the freezer! I need some ideas.
ps - yesterday was 80's day. That is a mullet he is sporting with a tye dye shirt, parachute pants and a Michael Jackson glove.


Vonnie said...

My job is like that too. Sometimes I walk around a bit, stick my head outdoors a minute, or whatever I can think of to keep from dozing off. Pathetic thing is I get paid to do it!

Jen said...

Unfortunately, I don't have any suggestions except massive amounts of caffeine.

I do know that when I am suffering from lack of sleep, my family avoids me like the plague. It's for their own good - I am a the biggest grouch when I am overtired.

When I worked night shift, I was in a perpetual state of witchy-ness. :(

Becca said...

I wish that I had some words of advice, but all that I can say is get your sleep where you can. I get that way and sleep a little here and there. Lately I am lucky if I get 5 hours of good sleep a night.