Saturday, September 26, 2009

Prompt to Ponder

I am going to make you think a little this week.

If you could live in any time in another time in History, when would it be? And why?



meg said...

Being a history buff, this is actually something I ponder; I believe I'd want to live in the Edwardian period, around the turn of the last century. It seemed to be a time of wonder & innovation, but God, family, and country were the center of everyday life. Some "modern" conveniences were making life easier & freeing up time for entertaining pasttimes & travel (my dream is to do the trans-atlantic crossing in one of the great oceanliners, like QM2)

Dory said...

Wow. I gotta think on this. Meg is toooo good to know her answer so readily!

Jen said...

I'd just pick to be born 20 years earlier. I would have loved to have been part of the 60's...
then again, maybe not.

Instead of being a wife, nurse, and mother I might've changed my name to Willow and would be barely making ends meet with my weekend acoustic guitar gigs and smoking stuff I shouldn't. :)

Still, I think the 60's were cool.

Dory said...

Ok, I've thought about it and I still don't know! lol I honestly can't even imagine being here at some other time. Isn't that weird?