Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Do you ever feel like you are living your life on auto-pilot? Just going through the motions and not really living in the moment?

I have a morning routine that if it gets messed up can ruin my whole morning. For example, when I shower I have to do things in a certain order. Going out of that order can cause me to use body wash as shampoo and shampoo as body wash. Yes I have done both of these in the past.

Every day my drive to work is my prayer time. My one on one time with God. There is a spot not too far from my house that the radio cuts out. At that point instead of changing the channel, I turn the radio on mute and I have my morning talk with The Big Guy. There are many a morning that I am pulling in to work and have to sit in my car for a few minutes to either compose myself or finish my prayers.

I love my morning quiet time with God. It just seems to start my day off right.

So the other morning, I got in the car and pulled out without changing the station back from whatever hubby had on the previous night. My mind was going a hundred miles an hour thinking of all I had to get done and who had to be where at what time. Next thing I know I am pulling into the driveway at work and I realized that I completely missed my prayer time. I quickly said "I am sorry Lord, we'll talk later." And we did, on the drive home that day.

But the point is, how many times are you on auto-pilot in your life and you don't realize it until something makes you put on the brakes? If we always have the "cruise control" on during our day, what are we missing? Did I miss a blessing that morning because I was too busy to remember God?

God has so many amazing blessings for us, but we need to turn off the cruise control, slow down a little and look around. Ask God to show you a blessing, He will.

The next few months are the busiest around my house. So I am really trying to slow down and enjoy all that is going on around me. I hope that you do as well.



Chris said...

I needed this today. Thanks for the reminder, Stacy.

Vonnie said...

Great post...all to often I am on auto pilot!