Friday, September 25, 2009

Mother of the Year

I just found out I am not getting the Mother of the Year award this year. (Like I was ever in the

Some stupid things I have done this week to prove that I am not in the running:

1. Little S

Earlier in the week, I realized that Little S was going to have an early dismissal day due to open house, but the older boys would not. I also realized that no one that usually gets Little S off the bus would be able to as if it is not the older boys, then it is one of the teen age girls that live in the apartments.

So as I sat at soccer Tuesday night, I mentioned it to my friend M. She said, no problem, that I could just have him ride the bus home with her son and she would keep him until I got home. Some how in that conversation, I assumed it was okay to send him on the bus and she assumed that I would call and let her know for sure.

You can all see where this is headed right? I called her house early in the afternoon to ask her to call me when he got there since this was the first time he would be riding a different bus. Her phone was busy and after a few tries, I called her parents who live next door (her brother answered) and asked them to have her call me when he got there.

Little S got on the bus and thought nothing of the fact that M's son wasn't on the bus. He got off of the bus and M's dad was waiting for him. I am so thankful that I decided to call her ahead of time and that her parents live next door and were able to get him for me. They called her and she was there shortly after the bus.

2. Teen & Tween

Our school this year started a new soccer program through the school. My kids have always played, but it was always in the community league.

Monday after practice, I picked them up at the school. Tuesday after practice I pulled in to the school and they weren't around. So I called my friend M and asked her where she was. "Right here, where are you?", she says. I look around and I don't see her or the kids anywhere. "Right where?", I ask. At the Community field. Nice, I had forgotten that they moved practice the rest of the week. The Community field is about 10 miles in the other direction. Thankfully, my mother-in-law lives right by the fields and was able to run up and get them for me.

3. Tween's Back

Tween has been complaining on and off about this pain in the lower left part of his back, right near his spine, for almost a month now. It wasn't getting any better and actually he has been complaining more lately. So I made an appt. with the pediatrician. After poking and prodding and questioning Tween, he determined that it wasn't a muscle problem and sent him for some x-rays.

The next day, he called to say that the x-rays didn't show anything and then proceeded to ask me several questions. Like do I notice it being worse in the morning, day time, after sports, or evenings.

At that I had to admit, that the older two boys get up before me and are ready to leave for school as I am getting in the shower. No, I do not get up with them in the morning and make breakfast or anything else that I good mother would do.

So there you have it. 3 strikes and I am out. No Mother of the Year award for me this year. There is always next year right? Now, if only I could start making pancakes and eggs every morning.



Becca said...

I think that what you wrote makes you human. Do you know how many kids don't have parents who are involved in their lives? You may not be perfect, but then again, none of us, but you are doing a wonderful job. And years from now, when your kids have kids of their own, your lessons taught will be reflected back to you tenfold.

Guinevere said...

At least you didn't leave one of them at Walmart. Done that. :o( (Now my daughter and I laugh about it...but it wasn't funny then at all!) lol

Chris said...

Add bacon and eggs to your breakfast menu and you'll get my vote. :)