Tuesday, September 29, 2009


What year is it? This is what walked out of my door to go to school this morning. Would you ever go to school like that?

This week is spirit week at the high school. Teen is too cool to participate. But not Tween, he is "that kid". You know the one that will do anything for a laugh.

Last year I think he got 2nd place for the most spirit.

Can you tell what today's theme is?



Mum & Tony said...

He looks like a hippy from the 60's with a Michael Jackson glove. From Woodstock.

Stacy said...

No - It's not 60's Day. Keep trying!

laurel said...

70's? Not quite sure, has tie-dye, mullet & glove???? Whatever it is, he will get some comments!!!

Jen said...

The 80's baby!

Becca said...

Definitely the 80s!