Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day Two

What happens when summer ends and you have to start school for the first time and all of the activities that come along with it?

You end up crashed out a little after 7pm. He gets that holding the remote thing from his dad! He is such a daddy's boy.

These are two of my favorite pictures from Monday:Daddy and Little S walking down to the bus. Since I leave before the bus comes and hubby works here on the property, Little S will be going to work with him for the first 15-20 minutes each day until the bus comes.

Look at that smile. He is so happy and excited to go to school. This was a major worry for us as he had separation anxiety pretty bad for a while. We really worked with him this summer to get him through it.

And this is my saddest picture from Monday:I held it together until he got on the bus, but after that, I cried myself to work. I wasn't like that with the older two, but this one just kills me.

Have a great day.



Shana said...

Great pictures!
Kids grow so fast........

Jen said...

I understand. I felt the same way with Garrett. They are the last of our "babies."

Beautiful picture of your husband and little S though!