Friday, September 18, 2009

Open House 2009

Last night was open house at the High School. About 2 years ago they started a new way that they handle it. I don't know about your school district, but it used to be that you went in and could visit the classrooms or teachers that you wanted. Our school has a whole totally different program. We don't even hardly get to talk to the teachers.

A week prior to open house we are sent a blank schedule in the mail with 9 periods and a modified schedule. We then fill in our child's classes. If you have more than one child you have to coordinate ahead of time which class you are going to visit.

When you get to the school you go through your child's classes just as they would through the day. Except the classes are 7 minutes long. That is enough time for the teachers to give you an overview of their class and what is expected from your child for the year. They also give you their contact information and there is a sign up sheet to schedule a conference at another time.

During "lunch" period you get to go to the cafeteria and eat. The local pizza establishment in our small town donates all different types of pizza for us to sample. Standard, dessert and breakfast which are cut into small bite size pieces. The PTO donates all of the drinks.

During "library or study hall" period you can go to the book fair set up in the library.

I wasn't sure that I would like open house this way the first year I went, but it gives you a feel for your child's day. And it brings back many memories of crowded halls and stairways and trying to get from one side of the school to the other in what is actually 4 minutes but seems like 30 seconds. At least we don't have to stop at our lockers and change books along the way.

Our elementary school has the traditional 2 hours that the doors are open and the teacher is available for questions. It is actually more crowded and you don't get a feel for your child's day like you do at the high school open house.

How does your school handle open house?



Tracie said...

Thats the way our high school does it too. It's kinda cool, brings back the memories of walking the hallways.

Jen said...

Honestly, I have no idea how Matt's school does open house night. I have never been to a high school open house! (I do go to conferences though!)

At Garrett's school, there was an assembly in the gymnasium at the beginning of the evening to introduce new staff, an overview of the sick policy since the H1N1 is widespread in our area, and a few words from the principal.

Then, we went to the classrooms as a group. And it was CROWDED!