Sunday, June 1, 2008

Field Day

Thursday was Field Day at our school. That is a day when all the kids go out and participate in track and field activities. It is for grades 4-6. Josh is in 6th grade this year so this is the last year for him to be involved.
I'm So Proud
Now I am going to brag a little here. I have mentioned once or twice before how talented he is. Well he was asked to sing the National Anthem at the opening of the games. He and another girl each sang a few verses and then together they sang the last few. And they sang it acapella.
I video taped it, but I have no idea how to get it from the VHS to the computer. Sorry. I have asked a few people and no one seems to know around here. I was really hoping that I could download the video so that you could watch it. I have a few more people I am going to ask and if I get it downloaded, I will put it up.


thotlady said...

I am with you. I have a video and do not know how to upload to my site. I am working on it though.

Came over from luckydorito's site.

Dory said...

Hmmm. Well, we're in the same boat on that one. We have VHS video that I would love to have on DVD .... I know its possible but I don't know how. Yet. ;o)

Becca said...

How cool is that! What an honor!