Monday, June 9, 2008


We are now officially a house full of lobsters. Lobster At least I am.
The boys have a spot here and there, but I got it the worst.

Saturday was the first day that the pool was open here in our apartment complex.

In The Pool

Some of you may think that it's pretty late in the season to be opening our pool, but it is normal for us here in the north east. Most pools open up over Memorial Day and close over Labor Day.

Lifeguard Our head lifeguard is also a teacher at the school so we open after school is out here.

Since I have the summer off this year, all we have been doing since noon on Saturday when the pool opened has been swimming and sunning.

Want to know what happens when you start to slather yourself up and then stop to take care of the kids and forget to finish yourself? Watch the little smiley below.

Burnt To A Crisp

Want to know what happens to a 4 year old who just does not want to take a break?

He crashes out on the couch with his Thomas the Tank blanket.

We were home long enough to change out of our wet clothes, turn the tv and computer on. I turned around and he was out! Poor kid, the sun and water have just done him in. But he never whined once.

I am going to catch up on a few things while it's still quiet. Have a great afternoon!



Guinevere said...

Sounds all too familiar.... ;o)

Jen said...

Oh S, he is so darling! I just love little boys! He reminds me of Garrett with that blonde hair and running at 100mph or stop - no in between. :)

White Hot Magik said...

Playing in the water just wears the kiddos out doesn't it?

Becca said...

All the things I never experienced. You know, I feel weird for wishing that I got to, if just once. Glad that you let me share it.

Have a great weekend!