Wednesday, June 4, 2008


What would you say if your 12 year old son came to you at 3:30 and asked if he could go to a party at a girls house that evening?
Party Time
Did I mention:
1. that the party starts at 8:00 PM and there is no ending time?
2. that we have Youth group from 7-8:15 PM?
3. that he was asking me this while she was on the phone waiting for his answer?
4. that he is 12?
5. that it is at a GIRLS house?

So why, when I tell him "NO" does he think I am unreasonable?
It's Not Fair
Today was the last day of school....It may be a L O N G summer.



Shannon said...

I would NOPE, sorry. Good call on that one Mom! :)

Becca said...

I would have said no, too. Where would her parents have been? And what about invitations?

Jen said...

I agree too. I would have needed more notice and A LOT more detail! :)

Dory said...

I agree...

Malathionman said...

You didn't give him a 6 pack and send him on his way? :)

tween said...

there was going to be another guy there and she just planned it at that time