Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Brain Hurts

Brain Ouch

I have been working on all of the Power Point presentations for our VBS. I think I have been at this computer non-stop for the last week. I know I haven't been, but it sure seems like it.

Our theme this year is:

What a great theme this VBS has. And it is original. We are the only ones in the valley that are putting this one on. If you look around, I am sure you will notice how it seems like all the churches do the same 2 or 3 VBS Theme's.

I am so excited about this years theme. I have been doing the adult study that goes along with this for sometime. And I am also teaching my Jr Youth the same series.

I know it kind of sounds redundant, but believe me there is so much information, I continue to learn more each week.

The series is based on the 7 C's of History (the book of Genesis in the Bible).

Creation - The whole world

Corruption - Adam & Eve

Catastrophe - Noah's Ark & The Flood

Confusion - The Tower of Babel

Christ, Cross & Consummation - Christmas (Birth), Easter (Death & Resurrection) & Jesus' Return

I would love to share more information with anyone who is interested. Feel free to ask me any questions. I may even out a little synopsis of each day next week.



VENTL8R said...

Our church's VBS is "Power Lab; Discovering Jesus' Miraculous Powers." Looks interesting. Unfortunately I work on the other side of town and wouldn't be able to get Jenna to it.

White Hot Magik said...

I thought I left you a comment but don't see it. I was wondering if the adult bible study was the same name. I think an update a day would be awesome, but that is a lot of work too.

Dory said...

Your title made me think of that ole joke "Does your face hurt?"

"No, why?"

"Because it's KILLIN me!" lol

hehe.... so how'd it go?