Saturday, May 31, 2008


No that is not a spelling error. Smiley Grad 5

Seth has been talking about "gradulations" a lot lately. It started a few weeks ago when my MIL was moving some pic's around at the house and he noticed the tassels hanging from the kids senior pictures. He wanted to know what they were and how he could get one. She explained it to him and he decided that he wants to "gradulation".

Fast forward a few weeks. He is in pre-school and they are preparing for the graduation. Unfortunately he has a December birthday and will have to wait another year. But he was so intent on "gradulating" it was hard to talk him out of it. So i took him to the ceremony lsat Friday evening so he could watch his school mates "gradulate". He was so excited, but also sad that he didn't get a cap and wasn't able to walk across the stage. Ms. Andrea is a blessing though as after the ceremony when everyone was standing around with punch and cake, she brought Seth a gift. It was a little monkey with cap and gown that she had given to the kids that were moving on. And also a little bottle of bubbles with a smiley face and cap on. He was the only one there that wasn't graduating and she had a few extra's.

This week was "gradulations" for 6th grade. So we went again to the school and watched Josh "gradulate". They really make a production now for 6th graders. Not that it is a bad thing, just that 3 years ago when TJ graduated they didn't do anything like they do know. They picked a class song "Don't Blink" by Kenny Chesney. That alone made me cry. Have you ever watched the video and really listened to the words? Wow - very powerful. They also are getting a DVD next week with their report cards. It will contain all the highlights of the past year, including their recent trip to Gettysburg.

So even though Seth didn't get to "Gradulate" he did get to see his friends and one of his brothers graduate.

I will leave you with this:



vonnie said...

Too cute and precious that little guy is! And Stacy it is oh so very true..don't blink....

Once they hit high school life is so busy and activities take all our time. It goes so fast and they are gone..hug them a moment longer.

Glad you have the time to attend their activities unrushed right now! What a blessing. Vonnie

Becca said...

It does go by too quickly! Cherish every moment!

Hugs to you my friend,