Friday, June 13, 2008

Taking a Break

I am taking a two day break from the Sun & Water and heading out today for a Women's Retreat with my church. I am not sure that I will have internet access while I am away as we are staying on a campus in dorms.

On a heavier note:

Please keep my family in your prayers as I am away.

Hubby is having a hard time as we approach the first Father's Day without his dad. I feel bad that I will be gone from him, but I will be back Saturday night.

On a lighter note:

Seth was getting ready to jump in the pool the other day. Some of the other kids who had been jumping in were yelling things as they jumped in. Like Geronimo and Look out Below.

Seth yells: "Look Out in the Hose"

What a crack up that one is!



Vonnie said...

Those firsts in the yr or two after we lose someone dear are really hard aren't they? Seth is a hoot! Have a great time on your retreat Stacy!

tween said...

my mom left today and seth is mad because he can't go to the pool he is funny

Dory said...

I'll be praying. :o)

White Hot Magik said...

Hopefully the little one will keep daddy entertained and distracted. The first years are rough. I love it when kids mix up phrases it is so funny!

Becca said...

Prayers coming your way. Ok tween, you be good to your brother, he is little than you are...for now..